The Keeper of the Keys

177 The Keeper of the KeysDo you remember when I first wrote about Lune here? If you don’t, let me quickly count the ways I love thee… I mean, Sree. Okay, Sreesha Shetty. The creator of Lune! Born of a passion for all things bohemian and a vintage, whimsical charm, Sreesha’s label – Lune – possesses everything about everyday jewellery that I love. Each piece is unique, you must know this much, and named just as uniquely.

So… I recently placed an order for her stuff (I’ve only bought once from her before, and the other time, she sent me some goodies)Samara (a Gold Deer Antler Necklace), Ankh (an Evil Eye Antique Gold Ring), Chaavi (a Long, Vintage Antique Gold Key Necklace) & a Little Handmade Mystery Bag (it contained the most darling, vintage things) – and was very pleased with my entire  L O O T  to say the least! (If you follow me on Twitter, you would have noticed my tweets raving about her jewellery.)

I wasn’t going to be at home when she shipped out my stuff so I decided to meet her instead. She lives in Bombay, she just moved here – I was supposed to meet her last year but I suppose I’m just really flaky. Anyway, I’m glad I did get to spend some time with her because she’s even warmer (and so much cooler) in person. Sreesha, if you’re reading – I really, really love your stuff. I’m proud to own more than a few Lune lovelies now! BONUS: It was a lot of fun giggling over random things, I enjoyed talking to her sooo much that I even dunked my new pair of earphones into an oil-based candle light at our dinner table. So much for crazy behaviour! 

P.S. The key, Chaavi, is just one of things from my entire loot, all of which I shall post about very soon in much detail, here. And yes, the Harry Potter reference? I think it’s my second. Cute, eh?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes & Picture by Sreesha Shetty


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