Forever Ambre

174 Forever Ambre

Ahem. I have something to say – er, confess? About a week ago, when I visited Bandra No. 190 (a store which is home to Moon River, Nappa Dori and yes, yes, The Charcoal Project) for a work-related something with my colleagues – I bought a scented candle for Rs. 3,500 (190 g)! From diptyque! That’s okay, RIIIIGHT? I think it is. I didn’t walk into the store thinking I would buy anything – for starters, it totally slipped my mind that Moon River was going to be there (I’ve heard so much about it already, and I’ve always wanted to check it out if I ever did visit the Delhi outlet – Akanksha (Redhu) and her sister Naina make it seem really pretty – I feel like I’ve read about Moon River on both of their blogs.) But I digress!

For those of you who don’t know, diptyque is a French company that produces a line of fragrances and scented candles; they’re based in Paris (le sigh!). I haven’t known about them for too long, maybe only since the past two years. As soon as I stepped into Moon River, I spent more than a couple of minutes sniffing all the candles at the diptyque corner. Such lovely smells, and I was in “perfume-heaven”! Before finding Ambre, I did take a sniff at the John Galliano one (that was very tempting, too!) After that, I took a couple more sniffs of Ambre (if the security camera caught any of it, shucks! Crazed drug-addict like behaviour.) – it was the ONE for me! It reminded me of this one perfume from AvonSurrender (I don’t think they sell it anymore!). It was an impulsive, but good buy, you know? Totally fills up my room with its sweet fragrance, and how (surprisingly, I’ve been lighting it for a few hours every day this past week. Yeah, no miserly behaviour from MOI!) – NOTE TO SELF: Must not let such extravagance get to my head! – I probably should thank my colleague Supriya (The Home Label) for making me consider it (I actually didn’t require much persuading as such.) – the fragrance was enough to suck me in completely. And it did. And now my head and heart is in this dreamy, dark place of Ambre heaven. Mm-mmm!

{ Rating – 9 / 10 }

P.S. Of course, this review is subjective! If you’re into fragrances and home scents as heavily as I am, diptyque is a company whose stuff you should get/er, invest in? I wholeheartedly recommend one of their candles (or perfumes)! The price is as much as you would pay, perhaps for an EDP of 50 ml, and hun, that fragrance is so deep – it’s like you doused the room in it. As a candle, it pretty much R-O-X! In terms of the fragrance, that’s something you will have to figure out based on the notes and smells your nose generally likes/is accustomed to. Ambre is a fairly intoxicating mix of spicy vanilla, smoky wood and Arabic incense (from what I can tell). Confession? I have never spent this much on a singular piece of clothing – except for a few of my perfumes. Idjit!


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes


13 thoughts on “Forever Ambre

    1. I know what you mean! It’s just that it was this once, and it didn’t seem to pinch my soul as much. It was very weird! But I’m very happy with my candle too. Shucks, I suck! :-) // Ooh, thank god you don’t get Jo Malone or Ladurée here, or my bank balance would fade into nothingness.

  1. I’ve heard of Diptiyque candles from a lot of Youtubers like Essiebutton & Miss Glamorazzi but I had no idea they were available in India! 3600 does seem a little expensive for a scented candle but #YOLO (I think this is the only time I’ve ever said or typed this acronym ever but I guess it fits this context! haha)

    1. Yeah, #YOLO, hehe! (What can I say? I really don’t know how it happened, I was in a trance-like state when deciding to buy it – I think, haha, but I love my candle, Pearl, it’s just too good to be true! :-))))

  2. Woohoo for Diptyque, that collage is just so *gorgeous*! I’ve always contemplated getting one of these. There was a time last year when I saved the Diptyque page on Moonriver in my bookmarks & would visit it every single day. I’m far from a preduent spender but I’m not in the headspace to spend that much on a candle. Someday, definitely :) I’m glad that you are happy with your purchase! And I hope to see you soon & see more posts from you here :D

    1. I know, Em, tell me about it! (I just went with the moment.) // I’ve really BROKEN THE BANK this month, so many impulsive purchases! And boy, do I need to get rid of some of the things that I’ve outgrown!

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