My Girl

172 My Girl

Take two. Okay, so my LOVE for department store fragrances is ever-present – not to mention pocket-consuming (Adorably by Mango gets a sweet mention, the next time!) – they’re not expensive, smell good (D-UH!) and make such lovely gifts (for yourself and friends). Remember the last time I gushed over one? Oh wait, that was from Zara too!

What does this one make me think of?

Bubblegum. Cotton Candy. Crushes (Read: The Yesteryears!). Dreams. Lik-a-Stix. Marshmallows (Beacon). Nutmeg. Plain, pink cotton used to line jewellery boxes… School romances. Sweet Tarts. Sweet Valley High (yeah, actually! Do you remember those?). Those red lollipops by Gandour that were made with the bubblegum in each centre! (Confession: I’m very much attracted to the packaging of this EDT.)


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


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