The Typewriter Girl

170 The Typewriter Girl

February is here, hooray! Because I love my birthday month sooo much (I’ll be 27 soon!), and since we’re inching closer to Valentine’s Day, I thought to give my “typical typefaces” post a sweet makeover. Do you like it, or is the pink too much for you to handle? I kept it a shade lighter than the Le 15 Pâtisserie chocolate macarons!

(And a ‘Love’ note for you – I thought I would be selfish and keep Anabel & Elliot all to myself but oh well, I decided to be nice! Don’t you love them? Greeting card material, especially E.)

C O M E L Y:

Did You See That by Adien Gunarta

Don Aquarel by Adien Gunarta

Fine Again by Misti’s Fonts

Give it Your Heart by Vanessa Bays

F L I R T Y:

Anabel by Toto

Bob’s Burgers by Jayde Garrow

Elliot by Benjamin Wyler

Mickey’s School by Imagex

P O E T I C:

A Gentle Touch by Vanessa Bays

Markofontina by Vlad Viperov

Signerica by Måns Grebäck

Simplicity by Vanessa Bays


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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