Radio Ga Ga

169 Radio Ga Ga

If you’re wondering, I didn’t just stumble upon Tattly randomly – the first time when I heard of and read about them was here, on my friend Magali’s fashion blog, Blue Skies, Calm Seas & Me.

What is Tattly? 

This really cool company that was founded in the United States (they’re based on the web, for now), whose employees are mostly graphic designers and illustrators.

What do they do?

They make really, really rad, safe and non-toxic temporary tattoos out of vegetable ink (Exhibit A: The Boombox tattoo, as pictured above, by Marc Johns).

What, now?

Because they’re based abroad, I might not buy any tattoos from them just as yet (I just think overseas shipping sucks!) but I would really like to, at some point. For my birthday? Maybe. They have more cute oddities – a cake, crown key, and a pink heart – take a look at their website when you’re free (I think you will love them, too!). I e-mailed them sometime ago last year because I wished to send in some of my own designs on a freelance basis (they’re totally my cup of coffee) but unfortunately, they weren’t looking then (that’s what they said!).

P.S. My fingers are crossed for the next time I decide to pop the question! Wish me luck, won’t you?


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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