The Girl in the Red Coat

168 The Girl in the Red Coat

I thought really hard about what to illustrate for this particular post (I hope you’ve been keeping track of these?), and then inspiration struck! In the form of Alison DiLaurentis (read: Pretty Little Liars), and the fact that the next few days mark the last of winter in Bombay (it’s very sad, mais non?).

Do you like it? My sister Racile doesn’t think much of this artwork! I don’t have a red blazer (er, coat) but I have thought about getting one. But first, I must wear my new pink Zara one (I’m a horrible hoarder, yes!). And I don’t think I’ve asked you this before – is there anything that you would particularly like me to illustrate, step-by-step? Provided that it’s something that I can carry out, or is on par with what I usually write about (draw) – over here, on the blog. Let me know, okay? :-)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


2 thoughts on “The Girl in the Red Coat

  1. I pretty much suck at drawing & am too lazy to improve, but I really like this blazer. The cut looks very 70s to me, & the color beautifully vibrant (you know how much I love red!)
    I’d like to see a retro looking camera next, maybe even a face :)

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