164 Pink-a-Boo

A few of my friends don’t actually know this, but I love the colour pink! Especially, a warm, pretty macaron pink. Some more random trivia about yours truly? I love notebooks, too, all kinds of them… When I spotted this pink planner by Rubberband at Crossword, I knew I had to buy it! 

Though I’ve had (and continue to have) plenty of diaries, journals, etc. – call them what you please – I don’t think I’ve ever seriously maintained a planner before. It’s because I’m pretty scatter-brained when it comes to my life – no, I mean, I still make lists, I love making them but I often leave things unfinished. I’m hoping this planner will keep me organised… I’m good with dates, but I really need to sort my other shit together. I’ve religiously been filling it in this past week, and hope to achieve more in life with it by my side. God, it feels like I’m making a speech! Gee.

Er, but before I end this post, a small to-do list for myself (see, I told you I love lists!)

1. Make separate to-do lists for the blog and work!

2. Devote time to plan, illustrate, shoot and write posts.

3. Follow the plans you chart out.

4. Don’t make excuses, for neglecting the blog. (Remember the promise?)

P.S. I have to mention that I would have fallen for those sickly colourful Quirk Box planners before (sorry, I have grown to dislike the brand, for some odd reason!) had I not already heard good things about this planner last year (so, thanks Jay-B and Lady Lala, you know who you are!). And, sorry that there are no disclosing pictures revealing the inside pages… I’m saving that for Instagram, friends!


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


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