Oh, Caramel

Caramel Cream, Nivea, Lip Butter, Lip Tin, Balm, Caramel, Shea, Product Review What a find! That too, just in time for Christmas, and the all-around cold weather in general, hehe. ^.^ I must be honest, I first spotted this lip butter on my friend Pooja’s Instagram feed (she calls herself the whimsybookworm, look for her!) – She has the raspberry flavour. I read a few reviews online, and thought I would like Nivea‘s caramel counterpart better! And I do. Well, not better because I haven’t smelt the raspberry one yet (I intend on buying that, next!). Okay, too much rambling!

Some background, if you’re interested. I used to be a true blue lip balm girl back in the day (butters, chapstick etc.) but after my teenager-y phase, I forgot about them for the better (soft lips are nice but I like the matte effect, you know). Cut to the present, Bombay seems to have gotten colder over the past few weeks and my lips have been drying out! Like, seriously. It was lip balm time and how (but I’ll admit that just thinking about it made me feel icky!). Anyway some ‘grams later, I found this keeper and… Pooja really posts some great recommendations so I thought, “Why not?” you know!

So… Now, on to the lip butter! It really does smell of sweet, buttery biscuits, and does a great job of softening (er, healing?) my chapped lip skin (a smidgen is enough!). Stays on for quite a bit too, it makes a great base for matte lipstick. I was looking for one anyway, but yeah! I was actually thinking of the Baby Lips chapstick range by Maybelline, but I’m glad I bought this one by Nivea, instead. It’s definitely not going to lie in my purse or on my shelf, unused for several months or years. This is a must-buy, girls – yes! And it’s a perfect fit for my Coolio, Cheap and Chic series… Think you might want to give it a try, too? :-)

P.S. I’m thinking that the raspberry lip butter is going to be just as delightful! Stocking stuffer material, this.


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


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