Love at First Type

159 Love at First Type

Wowie, the holiday season is here! Not that I’m off work or anything (I mean, it has only been a month since I started working so… ) but I can’t help but feel that Christmas is in the air. It’s drawing closer, my friends! And… Thank you again, all of you, for taking part in my Christmas giveaway, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to usher in the Fourth Year of Festivities” – so yes, I feel very glad that I finally held my very first giveaway. There will be more! (I’m toasting you with my imaginary tumbler of bourbon.)

C H A R M I N G:

Hello Heartache by Misti’s Fonts

KG Eyes Wide Open by Kimberly Geswein

Lumen by Start Digital

Stars from Our Eyes by Kimberly Geswein

F E S T I V E:

Amplify by Måns Grebäck 

Janda As Long as You Love Me by Kimberly Geswein

Jellyka Delicious Cake by Jellyka Nerevan

KG Primary Italics by Kimberly Geswein

M E L L O W:

CF Jack Story by Cloutier Fonts

KB Gobble Day by Khrys Bosland

KG Primary Dots by Kimberly Geswein

Love is Complicated Again by Misti’s Fonts

Oh geek, I’m too transparent for my own good… Kimberly Geswein is most definitely my favourite! (Er, sorry, I was trying to be cool there by replacing “gee” with “geek”! Yeah, I’m silly.)


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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