So Far, So Safomasi

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You know what, I’m not too sure about when exactly I discovered/heard about Safomasi. I do know that I stumbled upon it through Instagram – because I follow Kassia Karr’s picture feed (Do you know her? She writes about bath, beauty and health mostly at  The Neemly.) and she posted a photograph tagging Safomasi. I thought that the name sounded pretty cool, and I clicked on the Safomasi feed and… voilà! The colourful prints, design motifs and the pretty, pink pom-poms all had my heart in a flutter. I was sucked in deep, and simply had to know more!

Okay, so the name. There’s an interesting story here – no, it’s not a real word as I thought it to be, but what a stroke of genius on the part of the co-founders! Safomasi is basically a combination of the initials of their names – Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh. { Safo + Masi! ♥ } Adorable, in a sense, right? Though it seems like a lucky call, I would say it’s pretty clever. It lends beautifully to the brand’s aesthetics and sensibilities – take a look at their cushion covers and quilts on their website, and tell me I’m not wrong. Their work borders on the basic and an essence of simplicity, yet there’s something so exciting-ly refreshing about the brand. I’m a sucker for the illustrations, they are a work of art – from a mix of camel silhouettes and turban-clad rustic travellers, mithai motifs and stripes, polka dots and pinks and pom-pom and tassel detailing, their cushion covers and quilts belong in a “home”.

When I say that I mean, forget the trendy part of the deal for a minute, it’s the way that the wares are hand-crafted and made to look like they belong in someone’s home, for sure. It has that “something more” factor! Now, I haven’t ordered anything from them just as yet (I’m kicking myself about missing the Diwali discount!) but I’m considering purchasing a few of the cushion covers at some point. Especially the pom-pom embellished ones!

P.S. They’re selling some Christmas lovelies too! Be sure to check their Facebook and Twitter accounts for more details on those products, as they’re not part of the website store yet. ^.^

{  About two or three years ago was when Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh first conceptualised Safomasi. The brand was launched last year – if I’m not mistaken, and they’re based in Delhi. I don’t think that they have a physical showroom yet but they sell through their website, and are open to the idea of custom-made orders too, yay! Their cushion covers and quilts are priced at Rs. 1,500 and above. }


Pictures by Safomasi { Sarah Fotheringham and Maninder Singh }


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