Somerset Sadness

Somerset Sadness, Somerset Meadow, Crabtree & Evelyn

For a lack of a cooler title for my post, I went with this! Basically, there’s no sadness involved here, hee hee. Er, ignore that. Let me just start by saying that it looks like I’m growing as fond of Crabtree & Evelyn as I am of Kiehl’s. Expensive, but such good products (their shower gels and hand creams are the best)! I think it’s safe to say that Magali (you know her, I’ve spoken about her before!) and I want to say that we swear by their stuff. Okay, no more gushing… I’ll get to the point!

Crabtree & Evelyn recently launched their Somerset Meadow range here, we were invited to the store inside Infiniti Mall on Halloween (we were served green coloured apple drinks, does that count?) and take a look around. We went to the store a little later because the event hadn’t begun yet – Karishma Rajani of Purple Peeptoes was there too! The launch was a quiet affair, and since Magali and I are already familarised with all things Crabtree & Evelyn, we just looked around, talked with the store folks and chatted a lot generally with each other. Ooh, and we even bumped into Anuja Deora there, too! Okay, sorry, I’m describing the event so much and I don’t even have pictures. 

This post isn’t going to be long so you can let out that sharp intake of breath, haha – in the collage, you can read what I’ve written about the range. That’s the best way I could describe Somerset Meadow (I won’t get into specifics because you can browse through their website for more information), and I am using the Bath & Shower Gel especially on a daily basis. It doesn’t lather as much as I’d like it to, so I just add about 4-8 drops to my bath water and it gets all foamy and scented. Bliss! I haven’t used the tube of hand cream yet though I’m dying to. Let me wrap this up real quick by saying that if you like fresh, clean fragrances and scents, you will like Somerset Meadow plenty much

P.S. Props to Magali for telling me about this launch, and helping me walk as I limped around the store (my leg is getting better, guys!). And I had so much fun hanging out with both Karishma and her, too. ^.^


Artwork & pictures by Roanna Fernandes


One thought on “Somerset Sadness

  1. It was really fun meeting you after so long, Ro! I hope we can meet again when I’m back mid-December. I ended up liking Starbucks more than I thought I would ;)
    I saved most of my hand cream but I don’t think most of it will outlast the winter.

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