Hello Kitty

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Ever since my brain helped me out of a rough patch and gave me – what we’ll call – the confetti print idea for my business cards and stationery (yes, my Facebook and Twitter are caught in a flurry of confetti, too!), I’m falling deeper in love with the print – I think I even believe that every party-print something belongs to me, now! I think you’re getting a decent amount of hint as to where I’m leading you all with this tantalising li’l tidbit… oh yeah, my new, adorable pair of fuzzy-wuzzy cat socks from Forever 21!

I first spotted them at the huge-ass store in Infiniti Mall (Malad), thought over them (for four minutes maybe!) and then decided that I needed them in my life! Besides, they’re cheap as cheap gets. And oh-so-prettie! As you might have noticed from the picture, their product name reads as Party Panda Ankle Socks but I think they look more like cute, fluffy kitty cats to me (speaking of which, I think I want a furry little feline friend!). The cold isn’t upon us yet, but I’m going to find ways to show off these bad girls the next time I step outside (maybe I could pair them with my peek-a-boo open sandals, or ooh, if I get these spunky clear boots from Forever 21 next?). 


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


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