Let There Be Type


Let There Be Type, Jupiter Skye, Fonts of the Week, Lettering Types, Roanna Fernandes

Let’s hope that you guys aren’t already bored of this series already, shall we? Because… there are plenty more of these where they came from! Okay, now for some quick mentions. Chop, chop! You know my obsession with cursive and curlicue lettering types? Well, that will be a thing, always. However, this time around, I learned how much fun the “Chalkboard-like” scribbles can be (may I present Exhibit A: Chubby?) – how cute are Kicking Gravel and Lovelexie Handwritten? Moving on to the Fanciful variety, I can’t choose which font I like the most (ooh, look there’s an October one too!), they’re all so nice! (Extra props to the sailor-like typeface.) The last board is a small set of slender, yet poised script types, which I’m sure will be a lot of fun to play with when working on text for business cards and other such prep-ster office stationery. 

C H U B B Y:

Damion by New Typography

Kicking Gravel by Kelsey Ann Gallan

Lovelexie Handwritten by Toby Bennett Design

Omotenashi G by Goma Shin

F A N C I F U L:

Carnivalee Freakshow by Christopher Hansen

October by Gaelleing

Sailor Scrawl Fancy by Out of Step Font Company

Victor Hugo by Brian Kindle

S K I N N Y:

Madame Klara by Przemyslaw Hoffer

Perle de Rosee by BB Company

Sailor’s Delight by Out of Step Font Company

Squiggly Asta by Ana


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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