Le Cirque de Magie

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As promised, here’s my full account of shopping online from Krsna Mehta’s fashion and lifestyle e-store, India Circus. To be honest, the label wasn’t on my mind as such, I’ve always liked their products but I never thought to order anything in particular (except maybe those leather strap watches or umbrellas, at some point). But then… BAM! Two things happened at the same time: 1. The burrp! folks e-mailed me last month saying that I’d won two gift vouchers to shop at India Circus in one of their contests (Cowabunga, dude!). 2. Around the time, India Circus launched their spanking new Utility Pouches collection! The universe was whispering sweet somethings in my ear, and I wasn’t about to play deaf. Heh.

It was from their “Jalebi” collection that I chose the Funky Slippers utility pouch and the Chalo Double-Seat notebook to buy from the website. Before I decided to place my order, I had already been plotting and planning ways to use the pouch as a carry-purse of sorts… I mean, LOOK AT IT! It’s too funky to pass up as just a little something to stash my HDD or whatever else in, no? And I like colourful accessories, plus I’m extremely fond of Kolhapuri chappals in general so this purse basically had my name written all over it. (There are plenty of others to choose from… maybe you would like this black Namaste Sky-line pouch, or this iridescent blue Namaste India one from the Jalebi collection. Okay now, about the notebook – I’ll admit that it was just another piece of pretty stationery, but as you know, I can never have enough of ’em little books to write + draw in. (The old school rickshaw print was so very appealing!)

Cutting quickly to my experience of shopping from the India Circus website, it wasn’t bad at all – I received both products in less than a week’s time after placing my order. They arrived in mint condition – the purse possessed no signs of wreckage, and the notebook came inside a beautifully printed cardboard box (see picture). A little confession? I was disappointed by the fact that the purse isn’t as wide as I expected it to be. (You see, I measured the dimensions before placing my order, and I wasn’t cheated or anything but it felt like it because the extra two centimetres of the material fold over on each side. Yeah, that!) Even so, I’m very  keen on toting it off as a carry-purse and I’ve made my peace with its petite nature (tiny?)… I jest! The notebook? Nothing to grumble about, there! It’s as lovely as is shown on the website, and the pages are made from creamy white paper (yay, for my doodling ways!).

Er, okay, money bits, y’all! Like I said before, I wouldn’t have bought anything from India Circus because I wasn’t thinking about it but the gift voucher of Rs. 500 definitely helped me to decide! The utility pouch is priced at Rs. 999, and the notebook, at Rs. 349… ideally, my wallet should have been short by about 1,348 rupees. Instead, I bought both items for just Rs. 848 in total (the purse was worth Rs. 628.45 and the book, Rs. 219.55, after I applied the discount code). Pretty swell, right? Okay, okay, don’t hate me. If you win any coupons too, use them wisely! I don’t have any that are valid now, or I’d have shared my extra codes with you!

P.S. There’s a story about why The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling was included in the frame while I was shooting the purse. The purse is roughly about the book’s size, adding a few centimetres (L x B). My Beedle wouldn’t fit in the purse but I’m sure I can carry a smaller book, my iPod nano + earphone wires, a key or two (must remember to extricate them from the mega bunch!), notes of money (and a debit card), etc. and it’ll all fit in perfectly. If you plan to use your utility pouch as a carry-purse too, don’t overdo the “stuffing” bit (B-uhh… but! We’re women, we can’t help ourselves! Shut up, shut up.) because then it could look + feel bulky (point two, bulkiness will increase chances of wear and tear!). Carry it whenever you think it complements your attire but do think about its “tiny” factor, you will need to figure out when and where you should actually carry it with you – this even depends on whether you need certain “extra” items or not (a comb, lipstick, mirror, pocket moisturizer, perfume, blah, blah).


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes


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