It’s Neon or Never

It's Neon or Never, Neon, Statement Necklace, Colaba Causeway, Junk Jewellery

Okay, so I’m really thrilled to say that this is my latest acquisition! Last month, I bought this chunky teardrop necklace from one of my favourite jewellery stalls at Colaba Causeway. For starters, I had seen it there a while ago but didn’t buy it, it haunted me for a few weeks and then, Accessorize went on sale! Um, where am I going with this story? Er, so Accessorize had this lovely, three-layered fluorescent statement necklace and its price was slashed by 50%, and I thought, “GEDDIT!” However, the one outlet I found it at, the piece was slightly defective and I was still going to be paying over a thousand rupees for it. Yeah! (I didn’t pick it up, if you were wondering.)

Then, a few days later my mind wandered back to this neon lovelie, and I was like, “Yeeeeaaahhh!” I can definitely layer with it (to resemble the Accessorize one) or wear it separately, as desired. It has a little defect anyway, but nothing that should be criticised or pondered over (notice the diamond stud on the left?). And I got it, after some bargaining, for Rs. 300, which I think is pretty swell. I’m itching to get out of my cast, and up and about just so that I can wear this (I’ve already thought of outfit ideas!).

P.S. The jewellery stall that I speak so highly of, is the one that is just outside PAX (have you been there?). In fact, two other pieces of jewellery made it to my Coolio, Cheap and Chic series just last year!


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


3 thoughts on “It’s Neon or Never

  1. This necklace is so cute. I’m glad you didn’t get the Accessorize one after all. I (personally) think they’re much to expensive & the quality doesn’t match up to the price at all. And thank you again for introducing me to PAX. Must go again soon :)

    1. Oooh, yeah! But on the regular, I’m an Accessorize whore! If you ever come to my place and check out my junk collection, you’ll be flabbergasted to see the amount of jewellery and trinkets I’ve bought from their stores in the past two years or so. :-/

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