Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Black & White, Filter, Rifle Paper Co., Water-Colour

Like a few of you guys, I find it very hard to note how quickly a year can go by! Sometimes it feels like it was February some days ago; then at times, it feels like the months have passed me by as slowly as a couple of years bunched together and yet again, I can’t help but think, “Is it September already? Wow.”

Coming back to this post, there didn’t seem to be a better time than now to share this little greeting card I bought at the start of last month. When Sagan and I were traipsing through the lanes (around Kala Ghoda) that week, we came across a shop called Filter (it’s very close to the Sabyasachi store). Intrigued by all the stationery-like stuff I could see through the glass, I decided to step inside. The shop, which I hadn’t heard of until that day, has several odd delights such as illustrated maps in the form of greeting cards, organic detergent powder packaged in brown paper, water-colour greeting cards, yesteryear chocolate wrappers refurbished as notepad covers and the like. If retro and vintage finds fascinate you and/or you’re a stationery and typography enthusiast, you are bound to like this store!

The minute I spotted this ‘Hello’ Letter Card by Rifle Paper Co. (it’s priced at Rs. 250) at Filter, I knew I was in love! I held on to the card while checking out the rest of the store (everything is quite expensive, by the way) and finally decided to buy it. It’s just so simple yet beautiful, and I adore the water-colour envelope with the gold ‘Hello’ seal printed over it. Very clever!

P.S. This is kind of like a collector’s item for me! I’ll probably not use it, ever. Yeah, I’m an odd specimen.


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


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