Tic – Tac – Typography

Tic-Tac-Typography, Jupiter Skye, Fonts, Typefaces, Roanna Fernandes

Hi there! I’m really excited about this new chapter in the typeface series because there are a few “Loverly,” curvy-type fonts I found, as well as some that work well as Poster fonts, you know like if you wanted to make a little impromptu notice, or a flea bazaar announcement, et cetera. Not that I don’t love my other font posts as much, I just think that this one certainly has the best of the types I’m usually inclined toward. (My advice: Fidget with Egyptian Nights in a bigger point size when experimenting with it on a digital canvas, I promise you’ll fall in love!)

So there you go (hey, what do you know? I kept this short!)… I hope you find some of these to your liking?

D O P E:

DK Kwark by David Kerkhoff

Egyptian Nights by Jonathan S. Harris

Grand Hotel by Astigmatic

Peach Milk by Frédéric Rich

L O V E R L Y:

Always Here by Luedecke Design Font Co.

Arsenale White by Zetafonts

Austie Bost Starlit Beach by Austie Bost Fonts

Windsor Hand by Skyhaven Fonts

W O O D C R A F T:

DK Nanuk by David Kerkhoff

DK Sleepy Time by David Kerkhoff

Filament Font by Andrea Deinert

Stencil Style New by Galdino Otten


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes