The Source of All Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn, La Source, Hand Cream, Oceanic

Ever since I found out that Crabtree & Evelyn opened a new store at Infiniti Mall in Malad (Bombay), I knew I had to go check it out. I’ve visited their other store in the city (and that little counter at VAMA in Kemps Corner) but I didn’t explore the space (or its ranges) at length then, so yeah! It was a few weeks ago – during the sales (I bought only two things that I had really set my heart on, when they were at full price… aren’t you proud of me?) – when I had the chance to visit the store, sniff at the many fragrances and hand creams, and get my Crabtree & Evelyn fix.

Like I said, I took my own sweet time at the little store and the sales assistant (her name is Sanobar, I think) was very helpful – I tried on some of their hand creams (the Gardeners range definitely seemed like the best, as well as the Lavender one). There was one fragrance I especially liked – Himalayan Blue (but sadly it only comes in an EDT variety, and is frightfully expensive), it smells very fresh, manly, woody and sultry, all at once! I was quite charmed by the appearance of the various products at the store too, such pretty + vintage paper, wood and tin packaging – it all seemed very old school and elegant.

Coming to my purchase, it would be dishonest of me to say I got my Crabtree & Evelyn fix because I thought I would pick up a hand cream for sure but my finances are in dire straits at this point, so I settled for the Antibacterial Moisturising Hand Gel from the La Source range. I took great big whiffs of the products in this range, and I like fresh, oceanic smells usually (remember Oceanus by The Body Shop?) so I settled for this buy. For some of you folks, I understand that telling you I shelled out 495 bucks for a mere hand sanitizer can lead to a “NO! YOU DID NOT!” kind of argument… (I’m easily swayed and tempted.) But to be fair, this one though gel-based works as a sort of cream as well. It doesn’t leave your fingers with a sticky feeling afterward (like some are prone to do so), I just feel like I’ve rubbed my hands with a perfumed hand cream even though I’ve only just cleansed my palms. So I wouldn’t consider this gel a steep buy as such, besides you’re getting 50 ml of the product, what have you to complain about?

My only grouse is, and it’s a personal one at that, is that picking La Source from the many sanitizer gels I could have tried wasn’t the best bet. I know that it’s a good thing that most Crabtree & Evelyn products bear strong resemblances in terms of fragrance to their ingredients and influences, but even as my palms remained perfumed for a little while, the notes gradually descended to the actual smell of the salty, ocean air! (I didn’t like it, in the least.) Okay, so I should have known what I was in for, but I definitely didn’t think it was a smell I wouldn’t like after a while. I probably thought it would smell fresh and soapy for a while together. I do understand that fragrant products are subjective when it comes to personal opinions and tastes so I’d leave you to personally decide, for yourself. I’m certain that I’ll try out some of the other customer-favourite ranges when I’m thinking of another Crabtree & Evelyn buy – Evelyn Rose, Gardeners, Jojoba Oil, Lavender, Rosewater or Sandalwood when it comes to the hand creams (their bestsellers, by the way) and sanitizer products.

{ Rating  5.4 / 10 }

P.S. There’s another interesting range on the international website called Goatmilk, I must remember to check and see if it’s available at the stores here. Sadly, none of the muscle or foot soaks seemed to be in stock at the store, which I would have only been too eager to try. I think my wallet heaved a sigh of relief then! But I talk too much and before I wrap up, I should let you know that I just signed up for a Crabtree & Evelyn event (it’s being conducted together with the Vellvette folks) at the same store that is happening this weekend. Thankfully, Magali told me about it or I wouldn’t have seen the e-mail in time. I suppose the whole thing will be fun! ^.^


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes


3 thoughts on “The Source of All Evelyn

  1. It looks nice & so tempting. I love the smell of the ocean & it reminds me of a Hilarioud Seinfeld episode where Calvin Klein guest stars. Excited to visit the store (& see you!) tomorrow & I just want to smell EVERYTHINNNNNGGGGG.
    Such pretty photos, as always!

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