Fountain of Youth

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Some weeks ago, The Four Fountains Spa wrote to me asking if I’d like to review a massage treatment at any of their spas, and I thought it might be fun to actually to experience one of their relaxing massages (I love spas, and this one was complimentary!) and see for myself. My appointment was booked at their spa in Bandra for last week, and I got there early. One of the spa assistants there gave me a menu to peruse and choose a massage. I had already gone through their treatments et cetera on their website so I settled for the Relaxing Aromatherapy Massage (I picked this one because it would be conducted using lavender and ylang-ylang oils… mm-mmm!). After that, I had to also answer a little test (on the spot, haha!) that would roughly analyse my stress levels – my score was 13 which is apparently pretty high. Shucks!

Anyway, so shortly after, I was led into one of the rooms (it was scented, as expected) – it was a very small space (there’s a tiny cupboard to keep your valuables, and some hangers on the wall for your clothes – I wouldn’t advise that you carry too much with you to the spa anyway, to be on the safe side). There’s a self-contained shower room (woo-hoo!) so no issues arise when you want to take a steamy bath and rinse off that oil after your pampering. Coming to the massage, so my masseuse was this girl named Afreen, she started with gentle strokes and then worked it up to a slight pressure (she also didn’t talk much or ask me too many questions – I don’t really like talking at salons and spas so that was a win-win for me!), and since the oil was a blend of lavender and ylang-ylang, it all just smelled (and felt) very nice. Needless to say, it was a relaxing one hour, and she worked on all of my knots (but my back was still a little stiff as it was before the massage – my shoulders, more than anything).

I’ve only had two body massages before this and those were good, and this one wasn’t any different (nothing to complain about, really). I would definitely think of booking myself for an appointment in the future (I want to try the Energising Aromatherapy Massage next!) or buy a gift voucher for a friend. Before booking an appointment, go through their website which is satisfactory when it comes to the basic details, plus you can check their prices too. Spa this weekend? (Think about it!) Ooh, and I nearly forgot – before I left, they sent me off with a little tub (it’s like a lip balm pot) containing a home-made cream with relaxing properties – it smells medicinal and feels especially calming. I’ve used up all of it this past week! :-/

P.S. By the way, what do you think of my artwork? I didn’t have a representational picture nor did I take any photographs at the spa so I made this one rather hurriedly! I had added candles and everything but it ruined the effect overall so I finally stuck with this illustration. 


5 thoughts on “Fountain of Youth

    1. Ooh, yes that little tub of cream does have magical properties (I love how it smells!), and I’m happy you like the illustration and as a side-note, I’ve never gotten a pedicure – I’ve always thought it’d be way too ticklish and err… I don’t know! I think I’ll get one soon from my local parlour place!

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