Distress Call

130 Distress Call

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of this combination on a few of the blogs I follow on a regular basis, and the boyfriend jeans + heels style is one that I’ve liked for a while now. There’s this friend of mine, Jill, who carries this trend off really well and too bad I don’t have a picture because her style is very laid-back and sort of grunge, which I really like about her. Anyway, I’m not the girl who falls for trends easily (yeah, I’m still contemplating a peplum buy, even now) but this look is so effortless and really works for someone like me, whose style involves more of the whole comfortable but sassy approach. Not to mention, that adding a smart blazer or pullover sweater (erm, a fedora? Yes!) to your slouchy yet sexy boyfriend jeans makes the whole coming together applause-worthy, really. Who would’ve THUNK, right? Psst… I’ve already flicked an old pair of my dad’s ripped Lee Cooper jeans to experiment with (hee, hee)!

P.S. Tuula by Jessica Stein is my new favourite blog to read because I recently discovered her beautiful pictures and trendy style through my friend Namrata of Namrata Noted. And on another note, I promise the next post won’t take me so long to write! :-)

{ Pictures, in order of their appearance from L to R, are from the following blogs: Citizen Couture, Neon Blush, We the People, Raww (Micah + Jesse) and Tuula. }


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


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