Roses are Red

Crochet, Roses are Red, Wow Mom Hair Accessories, Flower Hair Accessories I haven’t bought anything new lately because of a self-imposed shopping ban of sorts but I have something from a couple of months ago that I wanted to feature here in my Coolio, Cheap and Chic series! :-) Ever since I saw these pretty hand-made flower hair-pins by Wow Mom at Loose Ends (a tiny shop at Bandra filled with quirky collectibles by small designers), I knew I had to buy some. This one is fairly big (the picture doesn’t do justice but it’s bigger than your palm), but you can also find bobby pins and scrunchies with smaller flowers (in addition to this one, I have two smaller roses in orange and purple, and two sets of purple and pink bobby pins) for lesser. They’re fashioned out of wool, using a crochet technique (my mom knows some of this craft, I know zilch!), and sit very nicely on your hair. Definitely a good buy, if you’re the girl who likes to wear flowers in her hair! P.S. Yeah, I’ve been crushing over the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series a tad much.


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes


5 thoughts on “Roses are Red

    1. Oh, you must! There are very few things that I like there but each product has its own element of quirk! I bought my copy of Motherland Magazine from their store. They even sell decorative collectibles for your room, socks (from Footsy), bags, T-shirts, painted kettles and what-not; Loose Ends is definitely worth a visit! :-)

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