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Typography, Fonts, Jupiter Skye, Jupiter Skye by Roanna Fernandes

This is definitely one of my favourite posts (there’s a growing typography series, right here) to write ever so often on the blog! If you’re an illustrator (or a graphics designer) too, you’ll agree with me that there’s never a dearth of free lettering types to find on the internet (Da Font is my go-to place for beautiful typefaces). I think that everyone has varied tastes when it comes to certain scripts, it’s much like the clothes we like to buy, the perfumes we love to wear and the qualities that make us who we are… so it’s very natural to choose a typeface that matches your own sensibilities. And if you couldn’t already tell, I find myself drawn to cheery and cursive typefaces more often than not! Without any further ado, here’s presenting my new loves… and yes, leave me a comment below or e-mail me in case there’s a certain font you can’t download or locate. 

C H E E R Y:

Headline One by HPLHS Prop Fonts

Jelly by Rosie Tea

Kings of Kings Lynn by Andrew McCluskey

Nouveau Fontdue by Michael Wong

P L A Y F U L:

Denne Threedee by Denise Bentulan

KG Grace for Today by Kimberly Geswein

Xii by Ximena Acuña

Zephiroth by Type Sailor

S U B T L E:

Airplane by Kady Jesko

Autumn by Denise Bentulan

Kindness by Bianca Groff

Mossy by Bibliopolæ

P.S. How do you like the new colour scheme? If you’ve noticed, this is the only feature I work on changing (between every two typography posts) keeping the design template consistent (I think it helps folks to identify this as a proper series, mais non?).


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


8 thoughts on “Typography Talk

  1. Love this series! It must be fun to compile them too and I agree that if I saw this layout elsewhere, I’d think, hey that must be Roanna’s. :) I remember using Autumn awhile ago but still haven’t found the best use for it. I’d imagine using Headline One A LOT though!

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