The Scent of a Rose

122 The Scent of a Rose

I know it has been more than a week since I last wrote here, and I’m sorry! I almost feel like the apology is directed at myself, more than any of you (I’m not even sure who’s reading, haha) because I don’t like it when I let stuff bog me down and make me forget everything else, which is what happened this past week. June is here, and sticky, summer days have bid us farewell. However, I do like the weather, and I appreciate it even more since I’m currently out of a job (if I had to travel during the rains, all the muck would certainly get the worst of me).

This post is a product review, do you remember the last one I wrote? It was sometime last month when I discovered that Zara perfumes are available here. I’ve used some of their make-up products before (lip gloss, mostly) back when I was living in the land of Arabia so yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to find the perfumes being sold here. I was with Nina and Val at the time, and I think we collectively squealed in delight when we saw the fragrance shelf at the Zara store! After spraying some on and sniffing at a few, we decided we all liked the Zara Black EDT the best. Priced at Rs. 590 for 30 ml, it was not a bad bet at all.

To describe the fragrance, I’ll start with some background. Like most department store perfumes that don’t stem from bigger brands or names but are similar in some ways, this too, is said to resemble a popular fragrance, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf. I feel that the Zara Black EDT classifies as an evening wear perfume. It’s sensual and sweet, spicy and has a fresh zing in the form of citrus; the fragrance is a bit smoky as well. Vanilla definitely rules the composition, and I’m not complaining. It won’t be too long before I head to the store again to pick up more of this fragrance or sample one of the others (I’m eyeing the Zara Girl EDT for little girls which smells like bubblegum and cotton candy).

Though I have ONE trusty signature scent and a few others (that I’ll never compromise on when it comes to pricing), I love buying bottles of inexpensive perfumes to carry around in my bag on a daily basis. They’re handy to cart around without fear of breakage, and are perfect for a quick spritz when you’re out travelling.

{ Rating 7 / 10 }


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

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14 thoughts on “The Scent of a Rose

  1. Oh this seems lovely! I’ve been wanting to try Zara’s perfumes since I first heard about them.
    And I TOTALLY agree with you. I’m enjoying the weather at home but not if I had a daily commute. I get so lazy to go out too. It’s very cool which is obviously pleasant, but then everything gets wet & the much, don’t even get me started… ;)
    I love your reviews Roanna. So well written & such pretty pictures, I hope you’ll review more, either new stuff or something you already own + love.

    1. Yay, you totally must try their fragrances; I think there’s White, and one called Rose too. I might be mistaken about the names, but there are more than a couple to choose from. My heart is set on trying the kiddie fragrance I mentioned in my post, haha. :-) Thank you, I’ve been sitting over editing these pictures for so many days now because I didn’t like how I shot them… aargh! There will be more product reviews, soon. I just need to space them out, now. You’re right, the weather is quite nice without the whole issue of stepping out on particularly crazy, rainy days. :-)

  2. Oh you…it’s okay if you don’t write every week or every day. Your posts are worth waiting for. I love that font you used in the collage. As for the perfumes, I’m still waiting for a scent of my dreams. There was this one from Avon that I really liked. The bottle was amazing, the way the content looked (including the colour of the liquid) was beautiful. It’s almost like the put some oil in it so it stuck to you skin better.

    1. Oooh, Eddy! ♥ The font is called The Only Exception, I’ll send it to you if you would like? Avon has some great fragrances, I’ll admit. And quite cheap too! I used to like one called Surrender (sweet + yummy + sensual + spicy) and this fresh, sexy scent called Blue Rush (I wish I could chance upon it again! The trouble is I don’t know how to find these Avon-selling folks here). Do you remember the name at all of the Avon one that you liked? I’d like to look for it! Or take a sniff.

  3. Great review! Zara perfumes are the best! I had one a few years ago that was called “Flor de Azahar” and it was one of my favorites.

  4. Oooh! This is very pretty and I love the font you used! I’m not a perfume sort of person but this was of much interest to me! :-)

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