The Art of Getting By

121 The Art of Getting By

I’ll admit that sometimes (actually, most of the time) it’s hard to come up with “Like-able” posts for your Facebook page, RT-worthy tweets for your Twitter page, or even comment-worthy blog posts (Instagram‘s a piece of cake, honestly! Sweet edits, and you’re sorted). Remember that good graphics are very likely to catch a reader’s fancy!

You don’t need to be a PhotoShop pro to conjure pretty pictures – want my advice? Play with colours, lettering types and shapes as I have, here. For this artwork, I’ve chosen primary colours, each represented in the form of a rectangular block (very easy to create with the Custom Shape Tool on PhotoShop), three basic fonts (capital letters, pretty cursive and strictly serif) and underlying elements to illustrate the text I’d written (like the addition of the diamond and square shapes to the blue block blended with a white stroke, and again, while using the Custom Shape Tool). Think of themes, you must make sure that all your elements complement each other.

For e.g. if you were thinking of rainy day posts, pick a blue-purple pastel colour palette (or whatever you think is best), work with text whose fonts depend on the mood of the posts (cheery, excited, romantic, sombre) and juxtapose the pictures and words with basic shapes, and the like.

I’m not sure if this post was helpful in any way but I’ll keep illustrating + writing more features regarding this subject, as and when.

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