The Chronicles of Instagram

119 The Chronicles of Instagram

For some reason, I really struggled with the thought of putting these pictures together + mulled over quite a bit over publishing this post. Honestly, it’s because the Word Press theme I’m using supports specific picture dimensions (I ranted on Twitter earlier this morning about how upsetting it all was – gah!). By the way, call this talk crazy and of the heat-of-the-moment variety if you must, but I’m thinking of discontinuing The Instagram Series because it doesn’t make much sense anymore; moreover, the images lose their quality on the big screen (which I’m guilty of because I employ way too many filters). I’ll figure out other ways to use select Instagram pictures on my blog. Anyway, I hope you like the set of pictures in this post because it’s my last.

1. It’s true! For the longest time ever (okay, it lasted about a week and some days, I like to exaggerate!), I suffered from what they call an “Instagrammer’s Block“.

2. I just like the cover art + lettering types on Philida by André Brink, which if you’re interested in reading, there’s a review here on The New York Times.

3. The Books on Toast initiative took place a few weeks ago, and I happened to swing by Candies at the time… and what do I find at the stall there except the fabulous stacks of magazines that my friend Latha and her hubby Bob had donated to the drive. Needless to say, I grabbed a few copies of Marie Claire. *GLEE*

4. A couple of times over the past few months, I stepped into the Le 15 Pâtisserie shop at Bandra. It’s Pooja Dhingra‘s first real shop as such because the others are kind of smaller. Unrelated, but she recently put up this picture on Instagram which I’m very curious about. :-)

5. A girl (namely me!) can never have too many evil eye charms… This one was given to me for my birthday by my sweet ex-roomie, Sonu.

6. A few years have gone by and I haven’t played Holi but it didn’t stop from happily scattering some rang outside my doorstep!

7. Yes, I finally dined at Aoi in Bandra but I didn’t like it as much as I LOVE Kofuku (Crispy spider rolls, I missed you, my babies!). :’-(

8. Before my orange slip-on shoes wore off completely (the leather’s in tatters), I managed to salvage them by wearing them a few times with my leopard print leggings. The combination was pretty phenomenal, if I have to say so, myself!

9. I’m reading Girls of Riyadh by Rajaa Alsanea, and I’m enjoying the story as if unfolds because I remember so many places and traditions from my good ol’ Saudi Arabia.

10. Easily one of my favourite summer outfits: Khamsa tee from Zara, leggings from Mango, crystal pendant from Accessorize, my two-toned DONE by NONE loafers, and the sticky, sunshine weather! ♥

11. An interview I covered recently on the blog: This post talks of Jesi Rodgers and her wonderful, wooden pieces of art (the gnomes in the picture are of the brooch variety).

12. I spotted this cute illustrated map in the May issue of Condé Nast Traveller (the Indian edition); I want to make artworks like these someday!

13. I’ve been writing a lot in my Frankie journal lately, making notes of places to apply to (yes, I’m on the job hunt, y’all!) and other lists (new movies to watch et cetera). Speaking of which, I completed watching Castle (I wanted more of Season 5), and now I’m on to HIMYM. As far as movies are concerned, I’m dying to watch The Great Gatsby and the new Deepika Padukone movie  (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani).

14. Printed my NEW business cards! It’s going to be much easier now to review cute stores, and interview pretty folks for my blog. Hurrah!

15. I’m sooo jealous of all the pretty things my little sister Racile has brought back for herself from the kingdom, and of which, I’m totally digging this Accessorize-like Aztec printed (and beaded) tote she bought from Centrepoint (Splash) for SR 80 THE MOST!! :’-(

16. She (Racile) did get me this Baby Powder scented candle from Yankee Candle but… oh well.

P.S. To clarify, I’m not killing my Instagram account. Possibly never! I really do LOVE the app. ♥


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

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