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118 Back to Business

I’m not sure exactly what inspired me to go ahead with such a simple business card design but I’m extremely pleased that the printing went perfectly well! Let’s rewind to one of my older posts, and you’ll see that I had decided upon a logo stamp that was, well, cute (I guess, at the time), and I liked that it could even work as a quirky label or maybe even a product sticker. However, I did get some sample cards printed (based on that design), and to be honest, I DISLIKED the look of them completely. I just hated how horrible it looked once printed! The colour combination wasn’t as striking as I’d hoped for, and the finish was less than average. :-/

After that, I didn’t immediately start working on anything new regarding my business cards, but much later, this odd (but very dear to me) confetti card idea struck me very randomly while I was fidgeting around with PhotoShop. The design is pretty basic, I LIKE how it looks and feels (the paper is amazing, though slightly expensive to afford for a freelancer such as myself). And the confetti-like polka dots are VERY me; the specks of pretty colour talk of what Jupiter Skye stands for. I’ve never talked so much about anything I’ve done, really, on the blog, and I guess all I’m saying is that I’m DAMN proud of these cards (I suppose it’d be believable if I could show them to you in person eh?). 

Okay, this is important… so what do you think? Tell me truly!

P.S. I’m even thinking of getting a hand-stamp made (that says Jupiter Skye by Roanna Fernandes) to print on to label cards that I’ll attach to products that I make and sell. I’ll let you know how and whenever I do so! *smiles*

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19 thoughts on “Back to Business

    1. I can’t wait to start giving my cards out to more folks. :-) Yay, me! P.S. I’ll be thinking of the Japanese way when I do so, it’s something I never thought about before. I mean, I never paid attention to whenever I held one out to someone I just met, shucks, haha! :-D

    1. Thank you Shubhi for saying such kind things! I’m very thrilled with my cards too. I would LOVE to see yours when they’re printed so please let me know when they’re ready. :-)

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