Summer Blues

117 Summer Blues

Okay, so I couldn’t think of a more ideal purchase (for my COOLIO, CHEAP and CHIC series on Jupiter Skye) than these lovely colour-block loafers by DONE by NONE. They’re perfect for the summer, and the first time I wore them, I did get a nasty shoe-bite but I suppose that’s natural for first-time wear; and I’ve been wearing them pretty often since (sorry, long sentence). I purchased them last month from Jabong because I had a Rs. 500 gift voucher from the e-store, and I’d been eyeing these sunshine loafers for about two months then. Originally, the Beowulf Three-Toned Flats were priced at Rs. 1,499 so I really got these babies at a steal and you can, too. DONE by NONE is having a sale currently!


Artwork and picture by Roanna Fernandes

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10 thoughts on “Summer Blues

    1. Ooh, yay! I LOVE most of the footwear at Clarks; the comfort, designs and fit. I’ve never had a Clarks pair but I know because I’ve tried on a couple at the stores… I’m sure yours will be just the same (and I think it’s totally worth the money one would spend on them). These shoes (the DONE by NONE ones) are actually made up of Polyurethane leather and some rubber (the soles) but I find them quite decent for everyday wear (considering the Bombay weather + roads). :-)

      1. I hope so too! I really like the UK clarks (I bought a pair of used purple clarks wallabies once at a garage sale, my mom was appalled that I’m buying used shoes but I couldn’t resist, they’re deep purple suede, very solid + great for winter). Like most brands I’ve found them dumping last year’s collections in India, that annoys me but yeah, I still think they’re better made + more reasonably priced than Aldo / Steve Madden).
        You must check their website because there are some great discounts, only problem is that if they don’t fit you have to return them at your own cost so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Wish every website was like Jabong, it’s really convenient shopping with them.

        1. OOH, for sure, I’ll check them out! I think you’re right about the pricing too. I have only two pairs from Aldo, and well, one has deteriorated in the period of a year, and the other pair seems alright for now. I only buy a pair if it’s on sale, and I really like it, but mostly never! Too DAMNED expensive. :-/ Oh, and I looked up a picture of the Clarks shoes you mentioned you bought, they DO look cool for winters – speaking of which, I love boots! I want a really nice pair of black, flat leather boots and suede tan ones as well. :-)

    1. Yeah Eddy, these are very cute! If you happen to be coming to Bombay though (when your Goa trip happens), maybe I can show you this little shop in Bandra called La Judi where they sell trendy shoes (sometimes export-rejects with barely any defects) for really cheap. I buy most of my flats and sandals from there because it’s Bombay so I don’t have to worry too much as long as a pair of shoes lasts me a year and a half!

      1. Yes! I definitely will be coming there. Have to meet all my friends and food. I miss living in Bombay where it’s so easy to just go downstairs and buy a nice pair of chappals.

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