A Trip to the Flea Market

113 A Trip to the Flea Market

Over the weekend, I decided to visit the two-day flea market at the Bliss store (it commenced on April 27, 2013) in Versova at Andheri, and though the place was very difficult to find, I soon forgot all that as I entered the tiny and colourful bazaar space. Because I reached the venue early, I found that a few of the artists and designers were still setting up their tables. As you can see, I did come across plenty of interesting finds (see picture) and unheard of clothing, jewellery, home accessories and bath labels.

First up, I talked to Apurva Chaudhari of What’s in a Name?; she’s the force behind the vivid dreamcatcher jewellery, paintings, T-shirts and tiny terrariums. Cute stuff! Next, I passed Neha Verma’s stall, Color Nymph (lots of printed tunics and summer dresses), and the Bath Etc. stall where hand-made, organic bath products (soaps, bath salts, lip butters and massage oils) were being sold. Another stall whose wares seemed interesting was that of Sharon Dev’s; she calls her label, Performing Flea. Fascinated by sugar skulls and morbid art in general, I really liked the printed canvas totes and tees she displayed at her space. And finally before leaving, I happened to recognise Maiti Shahani of Mai Mai (I follow her on Instagram so I remembered her from there, and also from an ELLE feature she appeared in); we chatted for a bit and she let me take her picture! I really think that she should retail some of the more prettier, Victorian and pastel-coloured flower hair pieces at Candice Pereira’s Marry Me – The Store. Some of the floral wreaths would go perfectly with the Parisian theme in Candice’s store.

P.S I had no idea Bliss was a proper physical store (and it’s HUGE)! I took a lot of pictures inside (thanks to the gracious store owner, Mallika Desai Thakker); I’ll save those photographs for another post. :-)


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

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6 thoughts on “A Trip to the Flea Market

  1. I loveeeeeee this! Nothing like home-grown creativity. This is what we should be buying instead from these foreign companies who are just out to exploit workers.
    You should be part of the flea market too!

    1. I still haven’t made enough Rosecraft items to, I will. I must! I ♥ flea markets and bazaars; I’ve never been to the Anjuna night markets in Goa ever… Can you imagine? I badly want to GO! I ♥ fresh, crazy, hand-made talent!

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