Bubble Trouble

112 Bubble Trouble

To begin my review with, I know a lot of girls (er, guys?) swear by bath and beauty products from Lush. Um, don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a negative review, not really. I bought the Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub last September (I remembered reading about it on Aayushi’s blog, Style Drive and well, I was really intrigued!). I mean, it’s BUBBLEGUM. :-)

Okay, review time! Because castor sugar acts the lip scrub’s base, you’ll find that this product is quite dry in nature (you can definitely feel the coarse granules; don’t worry, this is good).  I sometimes use a little bit of Johnson’s Baby Oil with the scrub to make the lip-exfoliate-buff-process less messy. It takes just the tip of your index finger to scoop out enough to scrub and buff your lips with. Though expensive (oh yeah, it costs you a mean 670 bucks for 25 g) but to be fair, the lip scrub does the trick. My lips don’t feel as chapped, and they’re softer (if not completely smooth). In fact, the best part about using this lip scrub is that you get to lick off the excess! It’s completely vegan and preservative-free (organic, too) so it tastes just fine. Actually, the word to use here is lip-smackable! (I also think it’s a great buy for boyfriends; hello, sweet kisses…) ♥

Finally, the revelation: if you don’t want to shell out 670 rupees for this lip scrub, it’s okay. You don’t have to! I once made my own version with some brown sugar, honey and a tiny pinch of leftover lavender lip balm. You can also make your own bubblegum-flavoured one following this cute tutorial I found on YouTube. And not to digress any further but I do have one last awesome find: Bubblegum Flavoured Ice-Cream (a super FUN recipe on Cheeky Kitchen).

{ Rating 6 / 10 }


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

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13 thoughts on “Bubble Trouble

  1. I once eavesdropped on this conversation between a lady who sounded like she worked at a spa. And she was telling this guy that he didn’t even need to buy scrub and that he could just add sugar to regular face wash and that’s all. After that, it’s all I use. It so much more effective and it’s right in my kitchen. Another unrelated but equally cool idea for a face scrub is oatmeal. It’s so awesome. Just wet the oatmeal slightly and rub it all over your face. Leave it on for 2-3 minutes and rinse. It’s best to do this in the shower because it gets messy. Enjoyed this post! You should definitely do the spice idea.

    1. How interesting Eddy! I must definitely try the “sugar + face wash = face scrub” trick. I’m thinking of using the Yardley one (I just bought) for the job because it seems mild + I ♥ the smell. And about oatmeal, it is something I have wanted to experiment with for a while now so I must try that out too. Once, I even read about how you should stuff up some of it into a muslin cloth like pouch + use some milk to exfoliate the body and make your skin smooth. Milk, I don’t know if I’ll ever use on my skin, but these ideas always sound like such cool experiments to conduct. :-)

  2. Oooh! That yummy print again!! I’ve only ever used one lush product which smelt heavenly but didn’t really make a huge difference. However I’m a sucker for all things that look pretty :) Glad I’ve caught onto your blog now too… the instagram pics are like a trailer to the blog:)

    1. Thank you Namrata! Even for me, this is my first Lush purchase (but yesterday, I found this girl’s YouTube channel and she described quite a few Lush goodies in her reviews that I want to buy in the near future). And yes, I am a sucker for fancy packaging, pretty products, stationery and colourful, shiny objects as well. As for your blog, I’m glad I hopped on too because I kept making a mental note to check it out but it somehow always slipped my mind. Besides I had no idea you live in Bangalore! :-D

  3. I’ve been contemplating this buy for some time now. So glad I read your review. Now I might just go buy the product! But before that, I’m going to try your version of it. Seems fun!

    Also, did I mention: I LOVE YOUR BLOG.

    Beautiful layout, designing and images. Love the writing too!

    Gorgeous work Roanna! :D


    1. Hey Sonshu, thank you so much for all of your very kind comments. Totally made my day! :-) Oooh, you must, but before you do also see if they have the NEW Popcorn lip scrub, I heard that it is also pretty delicious… er, good too hehe! These labels will be the death of me, or my wallet rather. Sheesh! :-/ Anyway, thank you again for stopping by! Really, really thrilled that you commented. :-D

  4. I have the Lush Sweet Lips scrub with me currently and although it does a good job at making my lips chapped free and smooth, I keep thinking I could whip the same scrub up at home with sugar, vanilla essence and olive oil. :)

    Loving the whole colour scheme of your blog.

    1. Thank you Priyanka! Yeah, you totally should! It’s pretty easy to. I just mostly get carried away by fancy labels and cute packaging. For me, the Bubblegum one is ALL about the flavour, hehe! ♥

      1. ahh! Thank you so much Roanna. You can keep this one and delete the other one.

        I am still facing internet issues on my side, so didn’t realize that my comment went through. Had received a blank white page when I wrote the first comment. Sorry about that. :(

  5. i have heard so much about this product specially in youtube. the first time i went into lush was in bombay actually and i want to try out their foundation too. but then i don’t want to because i don’t like heavy makeup so i would rather just be with BB cremes

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