There’s Something About Rashida

111 There's Something About Rashida

About a week ago, I watched the movie Celeste and Jesse Forever which is about a married couple who want to stay the best of friends even after filing for a divorce because of reasons otherwise, and I found myself quite besotted with Rashida Jones (and her character in the film). I haven’t watched many of her other works (just her appearances in The Office as Karen Filippelli which I quite liked, The Social Network, and her crazy cameo with Jason Segel in Friends with Benefits), and this role of hers really set her apart. She’s a talented actress, brimming with wit and charm. To be fair, there was actually nothing extremely distinct about Rashida’s wardrobe in the film that struck my fancy but I just had to know more about her… (GIRL CRUSH ALERT!)

A few hours later, after sifting through pictures of her public appearances and other such information about her on the internet, I discovered her unique style. I like that her outfits sometimes lead toward a slightly colourful Bohemian flavour, and at other times, her clothes have more of a sassy and tomboyish appeal. For me, it’s her ability of accessorising that I find most similar to my own; the lady loves her jewellery to bits and you’ll find that at most appearances she makes, she never forgets to put on that one accessory that becomes the pièce de résistance of her look.

When I was writing this post, I had a feeling it had a certain (I don’t know) a-fish-out-of-water quality maybe? But it’s a post I have been contemplating over. And when I have a new crush, er, girl crush, I can’t not talk about it; I figured I could at least share her with you! :-) So to say, Rashida has the right mix of grace and humour, oddness and charm, and there’s definitely a little je ne sais quoi about her. Likeability. She’s the girl you might want to be best friends with (haha, I’m taking it too far, n’est-ce pas?). There are a few people who would perhaps say that she’s a little nondescript even as compared to her peers but I find that quality to be most striking about her. I think I should start watching Parks and Recreation already.

What’s Rashida wearing? In the first picture, Rashida is seen sporting a fishtail braid in a blue Calvin Klein dress and a Dannijo statement necklace; here, she has paired a denim jacket with high-waist, cuffed black pants; and at this event, she’s wearing a belted Thakoon print dress with spiked Melinda Maria hoops, gold bangles and peep-toe Valentino Garavani T-straps; and finally here, she was seen in a sheer blouse and jewel-tone trousers from Theyskens’ Theory that she accessorised with a studded blazer, silver Graziela earrings, a rectangular Dana Rebecca Designs ring and cap-toe heels.

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4 thoughts on “There’s Something About Rashida

  1. I love the Dannijo statement necklace! I want it! And yeah I saw her movie Our Idiot Brother and even in that small role, you grow to like her as an actress.

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