Coming Full Circle

109 Coming Full Circle

Much like the last interview I put up on Jupiter Skye (when I spoke to my friend Sreesha Shetty about her hand-made jewellery label, Lune), I’m thrilled to have finally edited the second e-mail interview I conducted (last month) with fashion designer Nidhie Desai about her beautiful label, Fullcircle.

Extremely new and colourful in nature, Fullcircle is a clothing and fashion accessories label that I came across on Facebook (my friend Shrutika Rao had liked a few of Nidhie’s product pictures and I saw her pretty wares on my home-feed). After having completed her studies at NIFT, she took her love of Applied Arts to a whole new level by using vibrant fabrics, beautiful colours, trendy shapes and modest textures to fashion her line of beautiful women’s wear and handbags. Ah, I won’t give everything away at first glance – the interview below shall take care of that!

To begin with, how old are you and what made you think of the name, Fullcircle, for a fashion label?

I am 25 years old. Fullcircle? I just really like the phrase! (Laughs). But on a serious note, after completing my studies in the Applied Arts, I further pursued a course in Political Science but somehow, I just fell back on doing what I actually liked (fashion designing)! I came full circle, hence the name. :-)

What materials do you use to craft your handbags and clothes? Are they all various, and assorted mostly?

I believe in using the finest selection of leather and the highest quality of raw materials to create pieces that are environmentally safe and sustainable. From Nappa leather to burnish to Lycra, suede and sometimes even cotton fabrics, I pick most materials that appeals to my senses and justifies my design.

How long does it take for you to make and finish one handbag, or say, a piece of clothing?

Normally, each sample handbag would take me a minimum of 4-6 days, since the bags are hand-crafted using conventional methods.

Do ideas come to you easily, how long would it be before you narrow upon a style, pattern, texture and colour combination et cetera?

When it comes to designs, I completely follow my instincts; sometimes, I even get up in the middle of the night to start drawing or noting down an idea that just came to me! And at times, I’m completely blank! Every concept goes through the whole process of sampling, re-sampling, playing with colours and the framework before actually finalising upon a design.

Your bags are quite whimsical, I would say, they’re young and they appeal to someone very independent, dreamy and single-minded; is that the kind of customer gathering you’re thinking of while designing?

Yeah, you described it perfectly! My muse ideally is someone who is freewheeling, lives life as it comes and is someone who even makes mistakes, yet moves on from their shortcomings to get it right!

What is your favourite piece from your current collection, and why? (I loving asking these!)

My favourite piece would have to be the Floral Camera Sling (picture 5) from the Autumn/Winter 2012 collection because it comes very close to defining my personality and the Get Plaid Sling in Oxblood (picture 14) from the Spring/Summer 2013 collection because it has a vintage and an old world charm to it!

What is your star sign, and what are your favourite colours?

My star sign is Taurus. My favourite colours are electric blue, shocking pink, green, oxblood and tangerine!

Where are you from, do you live in Bombay? (Belated in order but I didn’t want to re-arrange the questions and take away from the candid nature of the interview.)

Having been born and brought up in Bombay… I guess you could call me a typical Mumbaikar! :-)

What kind of jewellery and accessories shall you be venturing into, when the time comes? Do you also make clothes?

I would want to venture into accessories that are an extension of the existing styles comprising my label… stuff like passport-holders, diaries or maybe even furniture! Fullcircle began initially with a range of clothing but now, I find myself drawn more to crafting handbags. Maybe, clothes as a line, will be thought of again when the right time comes.

How are the bags priced, and where do you sell at, presently? Do you also take customised orders?

Currently, the price range for the handbags starts at Rs. 1,900 and can go up to Rs. 3,000 (the prices of the clothes are subject to change, and I’ll keep folks informed on my Facebook page). One can purchase Fullcircle’s wares at Bliss in Bombay and Pune, Maalgadi in Surat, and Yellow Button in Bangalore. To answer your second question, I will soon be taking bespoke orders. :-) (Whoop-de-doo!)

Who, or what inspires you?

I draw my inspirations from the local people, their appearances and colours that India reflects in each one of her states, the simple joys of life, old movies et cetera. As far as fashion designers and icons are concerned, I adore Sabyasachi and Coco Chanel. :-)

{ What’s in each of the pictures? 1. O’Mirror Envelope (in Pink); 2. Sunshine Shimmer Oversized Clutch (in Yellow); 3. O’Mirror Envelope (in Orange); 4. O’Mirror Envelope (in Gold); 5. Camera Floral Sling; 6. Plaid Dress; 7. Get Plaid Sling (in Blue); 8. Dhurrie Sling Bag (in Orange); 9. Asymmetrical Dress; 10. Go Neon Tab Satchel (in Orange and Blue); 11. Vintage Shorts; 12. Ikat Shorts; 13. Floral Camera Sling; 14. Get Plaid Sling in Oxblood }

Sigh! I wish I could BUY everything. They’re all so very beautiful. To purchase some of Nidhie’s wares, you can check out the stores where she retails her products at or you may contact her directly on her Facebook fan-page here.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes, pictures by Into Candid Photography

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