Walking on Eggs

107 Walking on Eggs

I like Christmas tons better than I like Easter (December is far more festive), but I have to say that this time, the Easter season has been nice. Even special (nuh-uh, I didn’t give up anything for Lent though now I wish I had)! Maybe it’s because I got to celebrate the fact that I’m embarking on a new journey, in an odd sort of way. It was definitely not planned but it just happened around the same time as Lent and I do feel like I’ve risen from the dead too (P.S I love you Jesus)! I’m treating my new life delicately, almost like I’m walking on eggs (I’m unsure of what to expect from it all because pursuing your ONE true dream can be scary).

And this artwork happens to be one of the new markers along the path to the rest of my life because as some of you know (well, mostly my friends), I’m going to be concentrating all my energies on my designing, illustrating and writing skills for both my label, Rosecraft and blog, Jupiter Skye. I won’t say more.

Happy Easter, Everyone. :-)

P.S I feel compelled to write that I hope that none of you (those of you who might be reading this post) would, at some future point, steal my illustration. If you’re interested in my work and would like to know more, please write to me and direct your queries. But yeah, please DO NOT BRAND, LABEL, STEAL or USE my work as your own. It would thoroughly anger and disappoint me, to say the least.



8 thoughts on “Walking on Eggs

  1. Happy Easter, Ro! Here’s to rosecraft & Jupiter Skye!
    People stealing your images are really nasty but sadly the world has a lot of nastiness & if something like this happens we will make them regret it ;)

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