To BB, or Not to BB

106 To BB, or Not to BB

For my COOLIO, CHEAP and CHIC series this March, I found the Maybelline Clear Glow B.B Stick to be highly deserving of all of my attention! I bought the product about two weeks ago after seeing a couple of print advertisements in Grazia or Vogue (I think), and also after having read its reviews on Magali’s style blog, Blue Skies, Calm Seas & Me.

To be honest, I never knew much about B.B creams before but that changed, last year. I was first introduced to the Maybelline B.B Cream (I used it for a while, the results were good but I didn’t quite like the almost white-like glow that it sometimes gave my skin) and then a little early on this year, I picked up the Garnier B.B Cream (which proved to be much nicer on my skin than the Maybelline one) and finally, I tried the one by The Body Shop at the store (I didn’t pick it up, but I had the cream on for an evening and when I looked at my skin in the mirror afterward, I have to say that my skin looked pretty nice).

And now, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve found a keeper (okay, yeah I know there’ll be more versions soon since it’s a growing market but…)! The formulation is slightly different since the Maybelline B.B Stick comes in a solid form; this version contains mineral clay and salicylic acid in addition. Speaking of application, it’s pretty easy to swish on to your skin and blend in (forehead, cheeks, nose and chin); mind you, this is all coming from someone who used to know zilch about using a foundation cream or powder as a base, or how to even prep her skin whatsoever before! After you apply the product, you should give it a few minutes to settle into your skin, and then you can probably apply your kohl and lipstick. I noticed that (you’ll agree especially so if your skin is normally oily as well) that it gave me a very natural, matte finish; it definitely made me feel a little prettier and it was a nice base on to which I could work my other make-up. To conclude, I have been using this product religiously ever since I bought it and I’m very likely to go out and purchase it again because I think I’ve found my match. Plus it makes sense because I usually tend to forget to apply moisturiser, sun-block or whatever I might need to before going out so this product is, really, a life-saver.

One more thing! In terms of its packaging and quantity, I’m happy with the B.B Stick’s qualities there as well. Compact in nature, it’s easy to carry around in your purse (a must-have for the hotter-than-hell Bombay summer) and it’s quite stylish looking in appearance.

{ Rating – 10 / 10 }

P.S. Did you notice that my domain is finally live? :-)


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