Fawning Over Fonts

104 Fawning Over Fonts

The time has come! For yet another post on the fonts I’m currently using at the moment. I discovered a few of these online (Da Font and Lost Type Co-Op), and Bombshell Pro deserves a special mention because it’s very Albus Dumbledore in nature, and it’s the one The Home Label uses in all their stationery (plus Magali very sweetly sent it to me – in fact she was the one who discovered what the font was called and everything).

C H A L K B O A R D:

Angry Mob by Skyhaven Fonts

In The Know by Skyhaven Fonts

Just Coles Block Outlines by Cole Huckabee

Marker Palafotz by Palafonts

H O N E S T:

Lazy Day by Vanessa Bays

Little Miss Priss by Vanessa Bays

Sky Metropolis by Skyhaven Fonts

Soymilk by Denise Bentulan

P R E T T Y:

Bombshell Pro by Emily Lime Design

Sketch Serif by Galdino Otten

Wisdom Script AI by James T. Edmondson

Xenippa by Pia Frauss


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

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