103 Février

There are plenty of random reasons why I love the month February SO very much. To begin with, it’s the month I was born in (my birthday falls on the fifteenth). It’s the second month of the year which means you have had the time to settle nicely into the new year from January onwards.

It falls during a time when the weather is oh-so-nice; it’s chilly and warm. You know, you can feel the sun on your skin making your cheeks flush while a cold gust of wind blows a crumpled leaf in your path. It’s a time when fashion magazines come out with some really meaty issues and fabulous covers. A month when there’s at least one mellow but funny romantic-comedy that hits the big screen…

February makes me think of Paris, moonlight and romance, cigarettes and a good book, a graveyard and forgotten memories, daffodils, birthdays, sunshine, coffee and vanilla, lavender and sweet-smelling baths, swimming pools and oceans, mermaids and magic, calligraphy pens, medieval text books and Egypt, buttery croissants and red lipstick! Haha, it’s actually probably what I’m thinking of right now. This very second.



Artwork by Roanna Fernandes


6 thoughts on “Février

  1. I love how you talk so romantically about your birth month.. I do the same about October ;) Love the font you used for February..

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