Of Lavender Scented Dreams

102 Of Lavender Scented Dreams

When it comes to trying out new products, I usually get smooth-talked into a purchase by a really fancy commercial or after someone having told me about a certain coolio. In this case, I heard about the calming properties of the Stress Relief wellness spray by Forest Essentials from Jay-B, who once sprayed some  on my temple and wrist at our office. From then on, its lavender-based scent hit me quick and how!

Long story short, I bought the Stress Relief spray from Forest Essentials in December (last year), and its counterpart, Tranquil Sleep, this year in January. To be honest, I can’t really tell how much it has been working on calming my mind (when I’m stressed) and helping me sleep well, but I really like how they smell (and yes, they make me feel good – sometimes I think it’s all in my head).

About the Bottles: Stress Relief & Tranquil Sleep

Let me tell you some more about the sprays. If you take a look at the picture collage above (thank you Magali for Bombshell Pro), you’ll know what essential oils both Stress Relief and Tranquil Sleep are made up of. Lavender is one essence that they both share. The product names are pretty self-explanatory for the properties they diffuse, and at the moment, I like both bottles equally. If I were to be absolutely truthful, I would say that the idea of these beautiful aromatic oils helping me de-stress and relax feels a little magical. You know, you spray some on, and voilà, troubles out the window! Since it keeps me happy though, I will probably re-purchase both products once they’re used up. Each spray costs you Rs. 595 for 10 ml. Is that too expensive? Because I’m thinking it’s not, as it is Forest Essentials after all, and I love their products (not to mention, the in-store shopping experience – I like the Juhu outlet the best!).

Pretty Packaging

Um, so I am extremely gullible when it comes to packaging and I have been known to make random, impulsive purchases just because of how appealing the box or package looked! However, in this case, the packaging came with a total surprise factor (because I didn’t know about it before – what a bonus!), and when I gave the salesman my Debit Card to swipe, I was already squealing inside my head. I couldn’t capture the packaging as well in the pictures but I will describe it to you, each bottle comes in a smooth cardboard box, you slide the inside out (very similar to a match box) and inside a further, more careful cardboard encasing rests the bottle spray. Something else I would like to say here, is that the colours, design of the motifs and lettering types on the box are clean, intricate and extremely personal (that’s how I feel). I’ve already stored the empty boxes safely away for future artsy inspirations and the like.

{ Rating: 9 / 10 }

P.S This is my very FIRST product review on Jupiter Skye, haha, yay! I know these were odd products to like and/or write about, and I don’t know if anyone ever has, before. But I love the products genuinely and I wanted to feature these two cuties. More than a necessity or a need, it might just very well be a frivolous purchase! It smells divine (it helps if you used to be into the Harry Potter and Charmed series). In fact, I just sprayed some Tranquil Sleep on my neck and pillow, mm-mmm… Sweet dreams!


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

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3 thoughts on “Of Lavender Scented Dreams

  1. Yay for your first review! I too want to do a ton of them on my blog. Both of these seem very nice. They are definitely a bit pricey but it’s the same way I feel for Kiehl’s. If it’s a brand you trust, if they use good stuff, if you like how it makes you feel then it’s definitely worth it!And I agree, it’s probably in your head & I mean this in the best way. Isn’t sleep & stress in your head too? I remember reading this lovely post on the Neemly about how she likes products that make her feel nice & I definitely identified with the sentiment. :)Love the photos & collage too, I definitely hope you’ll keep doing reviews on here.

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