New Year, New Girl


There’s a new girl in town and it took me a while (a whole year, to be precise) to grow to like her but um, it finally happened! When the TV series first came out in 2011, I found Zooey Deschanel’s antics on New Girl irritating and contrived. Wrote the TV series off after two episodes! :-(

But recently, I felt like giving the series another shot (because of all the good things I had heard about it and because Marie urged me to) and now, two months later, I can safely say that the show is one of my favourites. Not only do I particularly like Zooey on the show (who is very adorkable as Jessica Day), I also like the three other guys whom she moves in with after suffering a messy break-up with her boyfriend. On a side note, I am hoping that eventually Jess and Nick (one of the roomies) start seeing each other, in the process of their friendship (watch the show, and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

Besides the light plot of the series, I’m totally digging her character’s quirky, old school and summery style (see picture). There’s something about Jess Day’s big, bright-eyed classic girl look that I’m totally in love with! It’s the fun-fashion element that I can relate to, and styles, I would like to carry off personally.

In New Girl, Zooey’s wardrobe is made up of Alice hair bands, Peter Pan collars, light summer dresses, English skirts, polka dots, pastels, stripes, stockings, messenger bags and satchels, ballet flats and not to forget, those geeky spectacle frames! I’d say it’s almost like being awkward gets a whole new stylish meaning and makeover through this FOX series. Yay (for awkward folks all over the world)!

Do you follow the show? And is there anything about Zooey’s style on the series that you like or dislike? TELL ME!!


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

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8 thoughts on “New Year, New Girl

  1. I was introduced to this show pretty early on by my dad & though it wasn’t love at first sight or anything I kept at it. I absolutely agree with you that a lot of the show is VERY contrived. For example, the whole character of Jess. She’s pretty, dresses impeccably but the whole she’s so awkward put big glasses on her thing is very fake. Despite her best efforts I don’t think Zooey can truly pull off being awkward. Also the rest of the casting, black stereotype etc.So I admit it’s something I really have to shut my brain off for but after that it’s a lot of fun. I’ve loved glasses like the kind she wears for years, I even own a few. And the dresses? She looks really cute + pretty. In the latest episode she wore the cutest dress with matroshyka doll print on the skirt, it was so lovely she can afford to just wear a $300 dress to school is a whole different story but wait I promised to shut my brain off!)And the characters are fun. I don’t want Jess & Nick to hook up because as clich??d as it sounds I think that might ruin their friendship. That being said Nick is my favorite among the guys. I really want Cece & Schmidt to get together. That being said I want the people behind New Girl to actually consult a real Indian sometime & not refer to what Cece is wearing as a saree when it’s a salwaar kameez. So yeah I have a lot of grouses but that being said it’s cute, decently entertaining & I’ll definitely follow along. Sorry for the long comment!

  2. No, no, why are you being sorry! You’re right. I felt the same way too but I kind of ignored all those other elements once I got hooked on to the show. I do like Cece and Schmidt a lot. Especially Schmidt as a character, he is a little bit crazy but very likable! :-) It’s funny that you say that ‘cuz something just happened in the latest episode (will not reveal it for fear of spoiling it for you).

  3. I used to watch the show last year, when it had just started.. I even managed to bear zooey’s intolerable antic till they took a midseason break. cant make myself download the torrents now! She seems so fake at times and the fact that I have low tolerance makes it impossible for me to catch up on it!I love nick though .. and like magali said, I would want Schmidt and Cece to hook up too. Cece is sexy :D

  4. Well, the show is pretty annoying but I quite like her colorful wardrobe and the huge nerd frames. And the guys are pretty likeable. This show is fine for when you need some light giggles :)

  5. @Defiant Princess – Yeah, I totally know what you mean ‘cuz it took me a while to like the show. I too, like Magali said, have to switch my brain off half of the time just so that I don’t end up hating the series again. Haha! But for me, the plus points are Zooey’s cute, preppy and vintage wardrobe. The guys are cool too, especially Winston and Schmidt (I like Nick a lot as well though his character’s Bah! Humbug! quality can be a little annoying overall). Cece is very pretty! :-)

  6. Zooey is nice.. I’ve always liked her a little, mostly because she’s not the regular cookie-cutter girl on TV… but my fav character from New Girl is Schmidt, hands down.!! Love the guy… I would totally watch a spinoff of his own show…

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