Lucky Number 13

100 Lucky Number 13

I’m not sure what to say to you, 2012. You have been pretty unpredictable, but mostly good. I kind of like you but it’s time to say goodbye. There has been talk though, of your comrade, 2013, not seeing the light of day. Of this world coming to a close. Well, I have hope and it shines bright and new. 2013, I SEE you!

Coincidentally, this post is also my hundredth (yes, I know it has been two years since Jupiter Skye was conceived but yeah…), and well, I solemnly swear to post my writings and work more often on this blog. 2012 has been a strange year, a good year somehow, a year filled with travel, some illness in between, happy stuff and it has led me to rekindle all my past friendships. And though I might whine often, I am truly grateful for everything that has come my way. Call it sheer dumb luck perhaps as Professor McGonagall would say! :-D

And while we’re talking about new beginnings (and positive ones, at that) and the year to come, I thought I might as well pen thirteen resolutions that I hope tono, scratch that! – solemnly swear to stay true to, come 2013…

1. I hope to be more regular when it comes to updating this blog, Jupiter Skye.

2. I want to spend a dedicated couple of days every month to Rosecraft, and make cooler + better jewellery and stationery (I have already thought of a few lines).

3. I will not be so BREEZY about my life; I’ll try to work around it, figure out where I can study art and illustration abroad, look up colleges and university programmes (ON MY OWN).

4. I will travel to one place I’ve never, EVER set foot in, before.

5. I will write more. And OFTEN. Yes, I miss ranting, being morbid and writing all those deep, dark and cryptic things on my other blog, and in my journals.

6. I will buy lesser clothes and accessories (I’ll also try to sort out the stuff in my closet and give away what I don’t wear anymore or haven’t worn yet! Garage sale?), and actually save up.

7. I will buy a domain name for my baby! Must ask Mr. Makhija for help. :-D

8. I will practise my calligraphy. Need to look for my old ink pens!

9. I will learn French. This has to be set in stone. I simply must! I just feel that if I brush up on what I’ve already learnt, and actually complete gaining all my knowledge of the language, somehow Paris will happen. It won’t seem so far-fetched then. Silly huh? :-)

10. I will LOSE some weight. Yes, I did get skinnier after my fight with pneumonia in March this year, but later, I put on all those damned pounds once again. 

11. Goodbye caffeine (coffees + colas). :’-(

12. I will paint at least four coasters a month. This isn’t such a difficult goal, and I must, for the sake of Rosecraft. Amen!

13. Last but certainly not the least (because I’m sure I’ll think of a dozen more after I publish this), I will try a little bit, just a wee bit really to be social. I hate being so, honestly because I’m a very HAPPY loner, but I will try this year. Just for you! :-D


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

P.S. Have a heart, and please refrain from copying and stealing my illustrations or branding them as your own; I had the biggest scare recently when a fashion brand stole my stuff for their Facebook fan-page, so PLEASE. I would really appreciate it if you wouldn’t, and if you like my work, you can get in touch with me at, yes!

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