The Instagram Spirit


Like the spirit of Christmas, the spirit of Instagram is truly a charming thing! I’m trying to relate the two, as you can see, but perhaps failing slightly in the effort. What I mean is that whether my pictures are private, sold or whatever else (depends on Mark Zuckerburg really), I’m happy to have Instagram around. Really! It makes me want to take better pictures and think about each and every composition (I have an OCD when it comes to this). :-D

Not just that, I’ve made a couple of sweet pen friends through the network (Madhu, Scarlett, Esha, Sonu etc.), and well, it’s given me a great new idea for Jupiter Skye to gain ground and get noticed. Hopefully, you shall find out soon, here. Till then, you can occupy yourself with these pictures!

1. Yup, Starbucks finally came to Bombay! :-D

2. My new accessory statement: Stacks of colourful bangles and beaded bracelets.

3. The second piece of fine artwork spotted on a wall somewhere near Bandra station.

4. More bracelet candy!

5. Oh sweet Goa! Fond memories of my trip to the state back in October of this year.

6. This was a Kiehl’s event I attended, and I really liked the chalkboard there, in fact, it’s just the kind I have been wanting (like the ones my teachers used to use in Saudi Arabia).

7. Vintage telephone set spotted at the Mineral store in Oberoi Mall (Goregaon).

8. I have been itching to get my hands on the NEW Penguin covers, and I finally did. I had read the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde back when I was a kid, and I simply had to pick up a new copy. Besides, I totally love the scientific doodles and illustrations on the cover.

9. The Bohemian shells and beads necklace I picked up at Sacha’s Shop in Goa for Rs. 1,200 – it’s so pretty!

10. My best friend, Val, posing with all the cool wares at Sacha’s Shop (this was during our October Goa trip).

11. My favourite thrifty purchase of the year yet! So I bought this from one of the beach stalls in Goa for just 900 bucks. I like it especially because I’ve wanted a messenger bag for so long now (of the tan leather variety), and I really love the colourful embroidery on the bag’s opening flap.

12. Yay! My gift from Magali Vaz of Life etc. – I can’t wait to use the voucher for a lovely spa treatment sometime next year just before my birthday in February.

13. The holiday take-away cup from Starbucks – I’m keeping it as a souvenir. And the rest are Christmas presents for my roomies!

14. Gingerbread man shorts from Old Navy at PAX – Rs. 180

15. Snowman and Christmas tree salt and pepper shakers – These are my mum’s!

16. Frosted Christmas sugar cookies that my favourite aunt, Annette, sent me. :-D

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