The Troubled Life of a Jewellery Junkie

97 The Troubled Life of a Jewellery Junkie

Listen up, jewellery junkies (of all ages and types)! It’s a tough world out there when you have too much of a jewellery addiction to handle. And if you also have as many pieces as I do or as any other self-confessed jewellery junkie, you’ll agree that keeping track of every little piece is pretty hard. (In fact, sometimes I lose track of what I’ve bought, what I’ve worn last and if I’ve misplaced any.)

Of course, it’s easier if you have them stored in places that are easier to spot, as opposed to little boxes and purses stashed away in hidden places. Yeah, you can store more of the sentimental pieces in proper containers for safe-keeping but the ones that you wear everyday? It’s better to keep them in places you are more likely to see (on those late mornings when you’re in a hurry to dress up), and where you don’t have to hunt around too hard to look for a particular something.

For this reason, I found a couple of containers around the house, and some that I bought that looked cute enough to fit the bill. They’re pretty and you can place them almost anywhere – on your dressing table, on a book shelf or by a little ledge/wherever.

Little Cane Baskets

These are really good buys. First of all, a small basket like this will cost you just about 20 bucks (I bought this one, and a few other bigger ones from Crawford Market for Rs. 20 and Rs. 40 respectively). You can store everyday bracelets, bangles etc. inside. Play with how you store your stuff in these baskets. You can even drape a few beaded necklaces on the rim to make it look pretty. Do place a little piece of fabric right at the base of the basket before you start storing things (for sake of protecting your trinkets).

Vintage Tea Cups

Of late, I’m beginning to fancy all sorts of cute and vintage tea cups. I found this one hidden inside one of Mum’s kitchen cupboards, lying unused. Perfect to store little odds and ends, and perhaps even to hang a pair of those little teardrop earrings on the cup’s rim.

Decorative Bowls

A conventional choice, but a decorative bowl is a sweet little container to store all your Bohemian jewellery, statement rings and bigger pendants. I found this one at Dhoop on sale for Rs. 265. If you don’t want to buy one, just use an old one at home that’s not been in use for a while.

Wood(en) Containers

Wooden boxes and other containers made out of wood (yes, even those cups that saké is usually served in) rate high on the rustic appeal. Besides they’re cool in a sense that you can even use them to adorn a side table possibly, while storing whatever else you want to, in them.

Shell Trays

You know how prettily these sit on your dressing table? I got the idea first from a movie I watched called Aquamarine, where the girl in the film (Emma Roberts) used to store her earrings and bracelets in a large oyster shell tray. I bought this one for 800 bucks at the Tibetan Market in Goa. It’s probably a bit much than I’d spend usually but I do so love its natural appeal.


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

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4 thoughts on “The Troubled Life of a Jewellery Junkie

  1. Lovely little guide (& I adore your jewelery collection). Mine is very small but I tend to buy slightly pricier pieces, i.e. with silver or semi precious stones. And I almost never store them back after wearing. I’ve misplaced a lot of stuff like that, the only thing that keeps me sane is I know I’ll find it at home, in some random box or bag, even. I’d love to store in open things like this but at my place they tend to get dusty & oxidised fast, so I mostly store in tiny ziploc bags & then in wooden boxes.PS- I want to see you do an outfit post with that CHRISTMAS TREE (pendant? necklace?)

  2. Yay! First of all, I’m really thrilled that you commented. :-) I do realise that some of these might not be viable options to store semi-precious jewellery and I can’t store everything like I suggested here, perhaps just a few (like the tea cup and little basket). But again, all of these are arranged in my cupboard because what you said is true, open air and dust tends to corrode/spoil them faster. / Hey, that Christmas tree thing is actually a painted wooden brooch. It broke! So I just have the tree now. Sadly. Hehe, speaking of which, I do have a little something you might like, I’m gonna send it to you (Christmas-related). Don’t worry, it’s nothing too elaborate but I hope you like it, even so.

  3. you know I cant be called a jewel junkie yet but I have the same number of cute baskets/ bowls and boxes to store my trinkets :)

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