Can’t Fight the Moonlight

96 Can't Fight the Moonlight

Wow, November’s here already! Can you believe it? This year is just whizzing by, honestly. And I (the girl who’s always away on leisurely breaks from her blog, though unintentionally) just got back from a mini-holiday with my roommates. We went to Goa, and let’s just say there was plenty of fun, sun, sand, beer and girl talk doing the rounds. I almost didn’t feel like coming back to Bombay. *SIGH*

Anyway, in our many travels, we took the time out to visit Sacha’s Shop, a cute little store located in the north of Goa that sells jewellery, home accessories, bath products and clothes by various designers. The shop also had a little display dedicated to my friend Sreesha Shetty’s accessories label, Lune. Of course, I took a few pictures excitedly of the store and its wares (we bought some goodies too); this also seemed like the ideal time to put up snippets of the little e-mail interview I conducted with Sreesha not too long ago…

Shop Lune has a nice little ring to it. It’s charming. Did you think of Lune randomly or was it conceptualised after much thought?

Why, thank you. I get asked that a lot. Lune is French for moon. And, I’m a moonchild. Ha! A cusp between Gemini and Cancer, but born in the Cancer zodiac. The moon is said to represent intuition and feeling. Most of my creations aren’t planned; I pay a lot of attention to my intuition while deciding something. So I wanted to name my hand-made business after that idea.

The Lune collection is earthy, rustic and a little bit vintage – is that an underlying theme of all the accessories you craft?

Yes! My collection has an old world charm to it with a touch of femininity; it’s a mix of bohemian style combined with a pinch of eccentricity.

Which are your favourite craft stores from all of the cities you’ve lived in and places you’ve stayed at, so far?

I don’t have a favourite craft shop or store really. Take me to any crafty/supplies/stationery store in the world and you’ll see the same childlike expression on my face.

Since you craft each and every piece by hand, how long does it take you to, say, complete a whole range of necklaces, rings et cetera?

It depends. I don’t follow a strict routine. It’s more of a feeling. When I have the desire to create, I just let it flow. I can get really involved for hours and forget to take a break and eat. Sometimes, I have to stop myself and listen to some music or go for a walk. But mostly, I enjoy not knowing what the outcome is going to be and end up putting together what is visually appealing to me at that moment.

What is your star sign and favourite colour?

I’m a cusp of the Gemini and Cancer star signs. I don’t particularly have a favourite colour but I’m naturally drawn to earthy tones or extremely bright hues. {I know she already answered this in the first question I asked her. Just didn’t want to edit this part out!}

Would you say that there’s something special about starting out truly on your own, selling at bazaars and flea markets, and finding your own way (about Lune, by yourself)?

I have always wanted to start a creative business. I’m glad I finally started it without thinking too much of its outcome. Also, Etsy is a great marketplace for hand-made products. Besides selling at flea markets and bazaars, it’s really special when I ship my jewellery out to places I haven’t visited yet. I recently shipped an item out to Prague. Eep!

Do you get moody, when it comes to creating unique pieces? Artist’s block and all that! Do you work on Lune everyday?

When it comes to creating, I take a break. Take a long shower. Read. Meet a friend or listen to music. Sometimes it helps to just step away for a bit.

Was Lune ever a pet project? If so, when did you ever come to the realisation that it could be so much more?

When it comes to fashion accessories. I’ve always tried to create something for myself. After I moved to London, I had an opportunity to sell my jewellery at a fair. That’s how it started. Sheer accident.

Will you be selling at Bombay, Goa or Bangalore anytime soon (in the future) the next time you visit India?

I have some plans of doing that and conducting a couple of jewellery making workshops too. {In Goa, she sells her stuff at Sacha’s Shop. Online, you can find her wares at the Etsy store.}

Is your style defined by your clothes or accessories, or both?

I have a gypsy soul. It comes from so many different places but mainly from nature. I have a big heart for plants and creatures, along with smells, colours and textures. I also favour the ’60s and ’70s. I draw a lot of inspiration from there.

You name each piece of jewellery you craft. Do they all have individual stories?

Oh, yes! I know the love and effort that goes behind creating each piece. And each piece is made differently, mostly due to my current mood or feelings. I name them in accordance.

When you first started out (the Lune journey), was there anyone who ever discouraged you? Did that affect you or only push you further on?

My family and friends are a very supportive bunch. I do get a little uncomfortable when people ask me about how much of a profit I’m making out of this business. That’s discouraging to me (they probably are just concerned). But I have a tiny community that’s built around Lune, that encourages me, by appreciating hand-made over factory-produced anything.


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes, pictures by Roanna Fernandes and Sreesha Shetty

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