The Seven Hands of Fatima

The Seven Hands of Fatima
Of late, I’ve been digging all kinds of protective-charm-like jewellery. Crystal stones (the hanging pendants), dreamcatchers, symbolic colourful beads, stars, runes and yeah, the Khamsa THE most! As fate would have it, I happened to find these charms and pendants during my many shopping escapades. The seventh one, I found quite unexpectedly at a popular accessories store, Aquamarine in Bandra. Personally, I think the Khamsa is perfect to layer with your bracelets and necklaces. The charms are pretty, intricate and very unusual. I love all seven of my Hands dearly!
1. Unenamelled Khamsa – The Accessorize Export-Reject Stall, Bandra (Bombay), Rs. 50

2. Blue and green enamelled Khamsa – The Accessorize Export-Reject Stall, Bandra (Bombay), Rs. 200

3. Silver Khamsa – Accessorize, Rs. 545

4. Teal Khamsa with rhinestone heart – Accessorize, Rs. 163.50 (SALE, originally Rs. 545)

5. Engraved Khamsa – Accessorize, Rs. 118.50 (SALE, originally Rs. 395)

6. Gold Khamsa bracelet charm – Mum gave me this one from her jewellery collection.

7. Khamsa black cord bracelet – Aquamarine (Bandra, Bombay), Rs. 1,200 (Expensive, but it was love at first sight for me!)


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

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5 thoughts on “The Seven Hands of Fatima

  1. Hey Roanna,I actually have the second one and third one with me. I managed to get the second one all thanks to you as you had given me the directions to the Accessorize export reject stall in Bandra, when I had asked you in one of your posts. :)To tell you the truth these protective charms actually work. The silver khamsa actually helped or protected me during a really serious time in my life. Hope they bring the same to you. :)

  2. Wow, your comment made me smile ever so hard. So glad that you picked the charms up! That’s great to hear. Honestly, I’ve never been consciously aware or thought about the protection factor whenever I wear any of the Hands but I like to believe that they’re special. You know! Thank you for commenting. Really sweet of you. :-)

  3. Hey i visit Bombay once in a while just for shopping!Could you tell me where "The Accessorize Export-Reject Stall, Bandra " is?

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