Letters to Instagram


If there’s one thing I’m consistent about when it comes to Jupiter Skye, it’d have to be my Instagram feed. That’s why I decided that I’m gonna write an Instagram blog post once a month. Considering that I don’t update the blog as frequently as I should, I can at least share pictures of all the other things (in my life) that don’t receive a dedicated post or significant mention otherwise.

Enjoy the pictures!

1. Re-visiting my crafting abilities. These hand-made engraved cuties will be added to pieces in the new Rosecraft line.

2. This is one denim shirt I love repeating. One can always dress it up with a cute inner and exciting accessories.

3. One of the coolest rings I own currently. Latha spotted this one at the Causeway. She decided not to buy it but I did!

4. At The Yoga House in Bandra. Lovely place.

5. While zooming by Marine Drive, I captured this shot!

6. Vintage suitcase at Marry Me – The Store.

7. Leopard pendant whose diamond eyes were replaced with some emerald ones I bought at Something Special.

8. Cute little map et illustrated guide of Bandra (eats, shops, sights, sounds).

9. The book series I’m reading currently – The Princess Diaries.

10. I love this coin purse that Mia presented me with on my 18th birthday. I haven’t used it yet; it’s so pretty, I don’t want to ruin it.

11. You’ll spot The Salvation Army place in the lane behind Colaba Causeway (on the side closer to the Gateway) – Love the case type on this board. 

12. First attempt at sporting raspberry red lips. Yikes or does this colour get a few likes?

13. Cupcake charms that Mum bought for me from a shop in Al-Khobar.

14. The latest post on the Skye. Have you read it yet? :-)

15. Lavender and passion fruit macarons from Le 15 Pâtisserie at Lower Parel.

16. Cheap buy: Printed vest-like-jacket from PAX for Rs. 150. OH YES!

P.S You can check out my previous Instagram posts here.

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One thought on “Letters to Instagram

  1. OMG! Could those little hand pendants be anymore cuter?! :-OYou look really pretty and that’s a neat shade of raspberryI want more macarons!

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