Get Born


What is your personal style? Then again, how do you define your fashion sense? Everyone’s definition is different which makes me think that it is a deeply personal quality, possibly inherent and completely non-definitive.

There’s that phase of your life when you’re younger and are faintly inspired by fashion, but dress in a manner that conforms to a certain type. Possibly to seek acceptance. Or gain familiarity in an unknown phase and place. I, for one, used to dress horribly when I was fourteen years old. Think loose t-shirts, baggy pants and colourful accessories. UGH!

As I grew older, I began to discover a lot of things about my dressing sense; about what I liked (hoop earrings, lots of black clothes) and what I didn’t (bubble gum accessories), the colours that caught my fancy, the people I looked up to as style icons… somewhere down the line though, I knew I just had to be ME.

OK, all I’m trying to say is, never let anyone tell you how your style should be (it doesn’t matter if you hate what everyone else loves – like those awfully snug bodycon dresses). Discover what you like and are comfortable in (even if it’s in plain white tees tucked into polka dotted pants or sparkly sequinned vests paired with cigarette pants). Experiment! Bookmark your favourite fashion blogs, make scrap books of your favourite looks, OBSERVE (you can draw style inspiration from all sorts of odd places and things – street graffiti, hand-painted signs, book covers).

While writing this post, I thought a lot about why I began Jupiter Skye. The obvious reasons are because I love styling, accessorising, shopping and design-y/artistic elements so very much. The rest, as they say, is history!

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These pictures have been sourced from the blogs of:

a) Lesly Lobeni – I discovered her blog, Lazy Manx Cat, only recently. She’s really nice (based on our Twitter conversations). Love her vintage and summery style.

b) Fashion Bombay – Jasleen and Sonu, who write this blog, experiment a lot with fashion and make some pretty interesting style statements. They are the best street shoppers I know, and often pick up stuff that someone might avoid buying. Like in the collage above, Sonu wore a simple ethnic maxi dress but styled it so well with statement accessories and red lips.

c) Wearabout – This blog is run by a photographer called Manou whose trendy observations are captured by his camera. He finds the raddest people/objects to click (you’ll be certain to bookmark a few of his posts for future inspiration).

d) The Sea of Fertility – My friend at work, Jahnabee, chanced upon this coolio. She’s Nancy Zhang, a fashion illustrator and style blogger who not only shares pictures of her outfits but also illustrates herself in each look in every post. Her artwork is amazing!

e) The Cherry Blossom Girl – Another girl I came across because of Jahnabee. She’s French and has a very dreamy blog (she sticks to a classic and vintage style of dressing). 

f) Style Drive – This blog is written/managed by Aayushi Bangur, who used to also work with me a couple of months ago (at the same place I work at currently). I don’t know her too well personally but I really like checking out her site every once in a while. The pictures are pretty and some of her wardrobe choices are nice.

——- ——- ——- ——-

Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

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2 thoughts on “Get Born

  1. Sweet! My favorite is the wrist cuff on that black blouse and the banana brooch! Where would I get a blouse like that one and also those silver shoes?

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