Of Favours & Frills: Marry Me – The Store


A little more than a week ago, Marry Me – The Store by Candice Pereira, opened shop on the first level of Candies (the Pali Hill outlet). Being a huge fan and loyal patron of Candies and the bazaars they frequently have, the idea of them now running a little store there in the middle of all that buzz intrigued me to bits! I visited the store during the weekend and well, I have only good things to say about this one.

Some background on its conceptualisation: Candice and her husband, Jarret D’Abreo founded Marry Me – The Wedding Planners a few years ago. They’ve been planning and helping organise some very successful weddings so far. Marry Me – The Store, I feel personally, is just an extension of their wedding planning business.


The shop is definitely cleverly constructed. Candice has made the best use of the small space available above Candies (earlier where a few bazaars used to be held). The interiors – the off-white walls, pastel-coloured door and furniture, and flower patterned wallpaper work well to give you that vintage-y Paris village and English tea shop feel. 

Inside, when you first see the shelves and little storing-contraptions, you can tell that they’ve been carefully selected and designed. In fact, Candice also told me that most of the furniture is among stuff she’s been collecting over the years, and those have been refurbished to decorate the store. What’s more, is that the space is plenty spacious to move around and you can inspect the goods carefully at your own leisure.


Gift boxes, bejewelled hair bands, ring boxes, cuff links, recipe cards, stationery (diaries and gilt pads by 61C), gift tags, bath products (scented candles and soaps, aromatic massage oils), storage trunks, vintage vanity suitcases, personalised envelopes, lip balms in small tins (see pictures), oil diffusers, and yes, even, personalised fancy collar tags for your pet (to sport on D-Day if they’re in your wedding, perhaps!) + so much more.


While you might think that most of the items in here are typically wedding-related and are meant just for a bride (or groom), you’re wrong! The store also stocks favours for bridesmaids (Hallelujah!) and collectibles like the old school jewellery boxes that make for really cute gifts even otherwise.

My favourites are the vintage suitcases, paper storage and trinket boxes, tinned lip balms and scented candles! I left the store happily with a nice little paper box (Rs. 225) and a scented candle (Baked Pear for Rs. 210). I intend to come back and purchase more goodies (*GLEE*).

I am going to wrap this review up by saying that on the whole, Marry Me – The Store made a lasting first impression on me (I trust it’ll do quite well in a given spate of time). Do stop by when you swing by Candies.

Good luck, Candice and Jarret. :-D

—- —- —- —- —- —- —-

Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

I won’t be getting married anytime soon but if you are, and want the whole works, contact these guys at info@marrymeweddings.in. For more information, you can check their website out – www.marrymeweddings.in.

Find the store at: Candies, Mac Ronells, 5AA Pali Hill, Near Learners Academy, Bandra (W), Mumbai – 400 050, India; Talk to them at: +91 9769682323


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