The Fashion Week That Was


Earlier this month and for the VERY first time ever, I got to experience Fashion Week. While my first day there made me feel like an alien, I guess I caught on pretty quickly soon enough. Met some of my friends (Kru, Pooja, Alisha) and recognised people whom I knew only ‘cuz of their style blogs (Read: Fashion Bombay, Wearabout). At the Source, where most of the designers man their own stalls, I met some interesting and very talented people.


Of all the designers/labels I spotted and the shows I watched though, I think Outhouse, Ruchika Sachdeva, Sailex, Sneha Arora and Yogesh Chaudhary (his line was Pacman-inspired) caught my fancy the most.

Outhouse had some really interesting tribal-statement jewellery (gargoyle-like lions + neon accents). While Ruchika’s line was a little bit dark and gauze-y (like you’ve just clambered into the woods or something), it was interesting – I especially liked the moustache motifs on most of her clothes. As for Sailex, his clothes and designs are very wearable and well-finished – the line is edgy, structured and bold. I also enjoyed watching his show the most perhaps because of the music (Glass Candy + Parallel Dance Ensemble).

My favourite of the fashion lot has to be Sneha Arora. A collection theme I can safely say that appealed to my dressing sense – androgynous + granny cool (check out the spectacle frames and bow-ties in the picture) + she’s fun to talk to. 

Needless to say, being exposed to all that creativity, colour and design at LFW, it got me inspired about Rosecraft. I finally began working on the new line of necklaces for my brand (see the photograph on the extreme left, bottom). Stay tuned on Jupiter Skye to check the updates on those pieces (also send me your luck).

W H A T ‘ S  I N  T H E  P I C ?

My trinkets (did a little bit of organising), pictures of Sneha Arora’s creative stall at LFW (love the specsy girl), the new stuff I’m working on for Rosecraft, my hot leopard-socks + gladiator ballet flats (I sported this style at LFW).

Bye for now. 


Artwork and pictures by Roanna Fernandes

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3 thoughts on “The Fashion Week That Was

  1. I went for 3 LFWs, I think. I used to write about it for the paper. I was really nervous the first time but then I just got used to it. I never made any effort to "dress up". You know..whatever. It was more about admiring everything else for me.

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