Colaba Calling


This weekend, Colaba called and well, I obliged by listening! In Bombay, Colaba Causeway has slowly but surely become one of my favourite places to shop at for clothes, accessories and sometimes, footwear. If you’re a newbie in the city and not sure of how you’ll weave your way through this colourful little street, I hope to enlighten you with this post.

For starters, the best way to get there is by taking a train to Churchgate Station. It’s fast, convenient, and the sights and sounds along the journey are fun. 

It makes sense to visit the place during a late morning or an early afternoon because you can see the sellers’ wares better in daylight. Saturdays are when I usually go there but I guess a day like Thursday or Friday works fine too.

F A V O U R I T E  S T O R E S  et  S T A L L S:

PAX – Apparently this little store has been around for a few years now but I only discovered it recently all thanks to Ms. Gia Kashyap! PAX receives tons of clothes, bags and shoes – mostly export-rejects from all over. You’ll be thrilled to find stuff by ASOS, Topshop, Atmosphere and Zara in surprisingly good condition and for extremely reasonable prices. I bought the purple carry-purse from there for a miserly sum of Rs. 299.

P.S. Check it out once every month to score on some really unique pieces of apparel.

Anupam Chappals – If you know me well enough, you’ll know that my feet absolutely thrive on Kolhapuri chappals. I don’t exactly remember how or when I started wearing them but I can safely say that they are my favourite kind of footwear. Anupam Chappals stocks some of the best pairs in Bombay and they are very reliable (sturdy; a pair can last you up to a whole year and a half provided that you treat them right). Initially, a pair used to be as cheap as Rs. 150 but now sadly, it’s been raised to Rs. 350 a pair. Even so, it’s good value for money and hey, they have every possible colour available (teal, fuchsia, bright purple, yellow et cetera) so you shouldn’t complain.

Cotton Color – Like PAX, these guys have some unique brands stocked – Topshop, H&M (the pink-red skirt in the pic – Rs. 250) among the likes + regular street wear. However, here you’ll have to spend a few more minutes than usual patiently sifting through to find what you’re looking for. Still, this shop has never disappointed me and I honestly love their stuff. There’s no bargaining here, everything is marked at a fixed price.

B E S T  B A R G A I N S:

Bib necklaces (various stalls) – Prices start at Rs. 700 but can be brought down, ethnic gold bangles – Rs. 200 for a set of six, coloured jeans (in colours like acid orange) for Rs. 750 a pair, printed scarves for Rs. 120 – 150 (see the star printed scarf in the pic? 120 bucks baby!), fluorescent plastic watches (Bangkok exports) for Rs. 200 each, antiques for Rs. 1,200 apiece.

NOTE: Once you’re on Colaba Causeway, these shops aren’t hard to find. First comes PAX, before McDonald’s – keep your eyes open for the spray-painted pink sign. At the end of the next street, on the left, you’ll find Anupam Chappals. Finally, further ahead, you’ll see Cotton Color. The rest of the stalls are all in between so pay a visit to whichever catches your fancy first. And remember to haggle for stuff for as much as you can!

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3 thoughts on “Colaba Calling

  1. I absolutely love all the colors of the Kolhapuri chappals! And the watches seem like the ones I had set my eyes on a while back! :D

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