Get With Instagram Yo!


I can’t stop Instagramming yo! Also, it seems that I can’t stop saying ‘yo’. Geez. My new Android phone is the SHIZZ, and the best part about it has to be Here are a few more updates (see pictures).

1. Rawr! Leopard print ballet flats – Tammy, SR 50

2. Tripping on acid pop with my friend at work, Sholeen

3. Red velvet cupcakes – Candies, Bandra

4. The one sling-purse I really wished I bought last year 

5. Retro sunglasses – Aldo Accessories, Rs. 800

6. Little Women by Louisa M. Alcott – One of my favourite classics

7. White Musk Sun Glow EDT by The Body Shop, Rs. 1295

8. Psychedelic phone cover for my baby!

9. Cute tote at Accessorize, Rs. 2695

10. The coolest wall art at Bandra station road

11. Knitted flower accessory – Wow Mom, Rs. 210

12. Slip-ons from Rajasthan

13. Ethnic bag by What’s D Fuss?, Rs. 1800

14. Moustachio necklace charm – Accessorize, Rs. 495

15. Colourful scarves at Accessorize

16. The iPod wires I’ve loved and lost :’-(

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