The Six Scents

Yes, I believe I’ve always had a “sixth scents(sorry, that’s lame right?) when it comes to my superior olfactory senses. No really, I’m usually 4-out-of-5 times right about identifying which scent someone is wearing.

Perfumes make up an important part of a girl’s beauty routine, especially mine. And for me, a good scent must be: a) Fresh, and; b) Intense (but not too overwhelming). When you find that special scent, stick by it sistah! For me, it’s Elle by Yves Saint Laurent – currently, Candy by PRADA. For regular use, I find that splash colognes by Johnson & Johnson or Pucelle work well, too – especially when the weather is hot and humid (something that’s not unlikely in a city like Bombay).

A couple of days ago, I picked up the White Musk Sun Glow EDT by The Body Shop (60 ml for Rs. 1,295). Light and summery with notes that linger, the composition contains citrus, vanilla and some musk. It’s part of the Limited Edition range so buy it while stocks last. On a whole, in terms of the fragrance, quality and staying-on properties, I’d give this particular scent an 8/10! As far as PRADA Candy goes, ever since I first saw its print advertisements, the perfume caught my fancy! Soon after, I found myself surrounded by stacked shelves of fragrances at Shoppers Stop and promptly asked one of the sales professionals to let me take a sniff at Candy.  I thought that it classified very well as a day fragrance but I think it can be worn on balmy evenings, too. If you like vanilla as much as I do, you will like Candy (I just know it!). You would also like to know that it has base notes of caramelised sugar and citrus. I rate this fragrance as a 9/10, it’s so delicious!

Now, for my most favourite perfume yet… ♥ 

There were a couple of scents I went through before I discovered how much I LOVED YSL Elle. For the past two years, it has been a staple in my beauty boudoir. Intense and extremely seductive, it possesses a fine mix of vanilla, cedar, rose, freesia, citron, patchouli and a few woody notes. It serves as a great party and boyfriend perfume (I told you, it’s totally sexy)! This one will always have my heart and of course, I rate this 10/10. Based on this post, here are some other perfumes I’ve used in the past and really liked:

♥ Burberry Sport

♥ Mango Adorably

♥ Hugo Boss Orange

♥ Angel by Thierry Mugler

P.S. Always go with your gut feeling. Trust your sense of smell to lead you to the perfect scent!

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