Type Dream


I know for a fact that most graphic designers and illustrators are kind of anal about sharing the various fonts and typefaces they use (me included) with amateurs and/or newbies. But I also remember the other rare occasions when some designers have been kind enough not just to tell me about the fonts they use but also how to play with them within certain design structures (thanks Yuri). 

These are my personal favourites – I use them on a regular basis. You can download these fonts from Da Font. Oooh, and you’re welcome! :-D

C U R S I V E:

Amandine, Discipuli Britannica Bold, Pacifico, The Only Exception

F A N C Y:

Bou Collegiate, Lullaby, Scribble Box, Single Sleeve

H A N D – W R I T T  E N:

Burst My Bubble, KG Ray of Sunshine, Plain Print, Sue Ellen Francisco


Artwork by Roanna Fernandes

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3 thoughts on “Type Dream

  1. Love this post! You’re doing an amazing job with these and I really look forward to every new post you put up! Bonne chance! :)

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